no age limit for single-dose administrations

no age limit for single-dose administrations
no age limit for single-dose administrations

ROME They will arrive in Italy in mid-April. Four hundred thousand doses that are worth double why the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is monodose and therefore does not need the booster provided for the other vaccines. Not only that, it is easy to keep, to the point that the region Lazio has foreseen that the inoculation is entrusted to pharmacies, and can therefore be more easily destined to that part of the population that is most difficult to reach.

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The effectiveness of the vaccine has been tested by the EMA according to which the serum has a coverage of 85%. Europe has ordered 200 million doses of which 27 are for Italy and therefore the expected arrival in April is only part of our country’s budget for a vaccine that costs 15 euros per dose, much more than two and a half euros Astrazeneca. It can be kept in a normal refrigerator for three months, and is also effective against the English and Brazilian variant.

Italy will receive another 7.3 million doses by June and another 15.6 million will arrive in the third quarter and the remaining 4 after October. For those responsible for the vaccination campaign, it will be the arrival of the fourth vaccine, after Astrazeneca, Pfizer and Moderna, to give a turning point to vaccinations.

In Lazio

In Lazio, the President of the Region Nicola Zingaretti has already made it known that from 20 April the doses of Johnson & Johnson will be entrusted to pharmacies and destined for the population between 55 and 60 years old. However, there is no national indication and it is easy to predict that each region will behave according to the vaccination plan in progress. It will certainly not be inoculated under 18, while no age restrictions are foreseen.

Some regions, not Lazio, are in fact behind in the vaccination of over seventy-year-olds that has so far taken place using Astrazeneca and Pfizer.

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