Figliuolo prepares the turning point: “Carpet immunizations regardless of age”

Figliuolo prepares the turning point: “Carpet immunizations regardless of age”
Figliuolo prepares the turning point: “Carpet immunizations regardless of age”
ROMA General Figliuolo expects to have the magazine full of doses to be fired at the rate of at least half a million shots per day to reduce the vaccination plan to two lines. These: “Immunize anyone who shows up in front of the thousands of centers scattered throughout the territory, putting aside reservations, age groups and more or less justifiably protected categories”. A shot of the accelerator which, however, has to deal with the dispatches that are still limited for the whole of April. And that with the army of elderly people still to be immunized, they move the start of the “massive” phase of vaccination to the second half of May.

To say it are the numbers. In April, just over 8 million doses will arrive, of which only 400,000 of Johnson & Johnson which does not need the recall. To these, the commissioner informs, another 2 million doses of Moderna and AstraZeneca must be added as soon as they landed in Italy, plus another million and a half stored in the fridge. In all, a treasure of about 12 million doses to be spent this month. The problem is that before you can start vaccinating anyone who comes in, as the US and Israel have done, you must first protect the older ones. Which are those who clearly more than others are likely to end up intubated or worse.

Even the General is well aware of this, with his breath on the neck of the Regions to concentrate their efforts from the age of seventy upwards. Because leaving behind the scandal of young people vaccinated before the most fragile, the fact remains that the few doses continue to be shot in bulk. While we are still damned behind in the vaccination of over 80s (only 10% more vaccinated in the last week) and over seventy, in several regions we started with the sixties.So yesterday, if 56.8% of the over 80s received at least the first dose, only 30.2% completed the vaccination cycle. But the percentages become laughable when you go to count the vaccinated in the 70-79 range: 11.1% with the first dose, a measly 1.9% even with the booster. Translated these percentages into numbers we see that about 2 million over 80s have yet to receive both doses and 2.6 are waiting for the second, while among the over 70s, 5.4 million are waiting for both injections and 672,000 must make the recall. Adding up all these numbers it turns out that to immunize all our elderly people still need something like 18 million doses against the 12 available.

But from May it will be another story, because between now and the end of June we will have 52.7 million doses to be injected, mainly concentrated in the last two months of the quarter, when at least 20 million bites can be shot a month. they make about 660,000 doses per day. A firepower that requires a little more pragmatism to be fully exploited and recover the time lost so far. What the general does not lack, assures those who have had the opportunity to confront him.

Moreover, on the logistical aspects, the commissioner already has a plan and has handed it over to the governors: vaccination centers open at least 12 hours a day seven days a week; no more than 10 minutes per puncture plus another quarter of an hour to check that no one has any serious reactions after injecting the serum; equipment of personnel adequate to the size of the vaccination point, to be placed in points easily reachable by bus and metro and with guaranteed access for the disabled. A recipe put in black and white to get to administer up to 750 vaccinations every turn of the clock in the largest structures.

And with this network to march at the rate of 20 million vaccinations per month, Figliuolo is convinced, the “direct call” system is needed. Which, moreover, here and there along the boot he is already experimenting. In Messina last weekend all healthy people, without serious pathologies or other frailties were invited to come to the Fiera vaccination hub to receive the first dose. Many responded to the appeal, even those who had an appointment fixed later. And despite the large influx of people with a maximum of fifteen minutes in a row, many have raised the first barrier to the virus.

In Treviso, the direct call affected people aged 84 and 85, and here too the experiment brought everyone together, administrators and seniors. On the other hand, from 7 to 11 April, Lombardy will be calling for those over 80 not yet vaccinated, who will be able to present themselves at the nearest vaccination center with an identity card and health card, without relying on a booking system that until now , not only in Lombardy, has made water everywhere. And that the General wants to retire as soon as possible. –

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