50-year-old man rescued by a retired doctor

50-year-old man rescued by a retired doctor
50-year-old man rescued by a retired doctor

A 50-year-old man suffered a severe case of anaphylactic shock fifteen minutes after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. A rather rare event that fortunately ended without particular consequences thanks to the timely intervention of a 78-year-old retired doctor. The episode took place last June 2 in the Bussolengo vaccination center and is reported in the Corriere di Verona.

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The man, a bricklayer, risked dying from the consequences of an allergic reaction he accused shortly after initiation. The doctor who assisted him told of a rather acute reaction immediately treated with an antistamic and hydrocortisone. Despite this, the man lost consciousness and the staff who rushed also gave him adrenaline before loading him on the ambulance. Shortly after – already on the way to the emergency room of the Borgo Trento hospital – the conditions of the victim of the anaphylactic shock improved.


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