Petrol, new sting: how far the price has come

Petrol, new sting: how far the price has come
Petrol, new sting: how far the price has come

The price of gasoline in Italy reaches 1.6 euros per liter and reaches the two years maximum. Bad news for Italians ready to leave for the holidays and which makes consumer associations protest.

Petrol, prices at the highest for two years: the estimates

The Ministry of Economic Development has estimated the cost of fuels in the distribution network on the national territory in 1,599 euros per liter for petrol in self mode and 1,458 euros for diesel. For the green this is the record since July 2019, while for the diesel it is the highest price since February 2020.

New increases in fuel distributors that will translate into an additional € 267 per family per year due to higher refueling costs alone.

The consumer association calculates it Codacons, which through the president Carlo Rienzi explains: “Today gasoline costs 16.1% more than in the same period of 2020, while for diesel you pay 15.1% more. Price increases that produce direct effects on consumers’ pockets, to the point that a full green tank now costs 11.1 euros more than in June 2020, while a full 9.6 euros more is spent on diesel “.

“The upward trend in fuels causes greater annual expenditure, only for refueling, equal to +267 euros per family, but the consequences could be much worse – said Rienzi – Such high lists of petrol and diesel have direct effects on inflation, and provoke a generalized rise in prices that will hit Italian families in the coming weeks”.

Rapid growth in fuel tariffs had already been reported at record highs in May. Not only did the rise in crude oil prices rise, but also the resumption of economic activities with reopening due to the first signs of overcoming the pandemic and the geo-political dynamics of oil-producing countries.

Petrol, prices at their highest for two years: the reactions of consumer associations

For the president ofNational Consumers Union, Massimo Dona “continues the sting for Italian motorists”.

“We took advantage of one of the very few bridges this year to push fuel prices up even more. A beautiful and good speculation!“, Denounces the trade association.

“Since the beginning of the year, from the survey of 4 January, in 5 months, a 50-liter tank is increased by 7 euros and 88 cents for petrol and by 6 euros and 93 cents for diesel, with an increase of 10.9% and 10.5% respectively. On an annual basis it is equal to a blow per car equal to 189 euros per year for petrol and 166 euros for diesel ”.

“In a calendar year, ie from the survey of 8 June 2020, when gasoline was € 1,371 per liter and diesel fuel was € 1,260 per liter, a 50-liter tank costs € 11 and 40 cents more for gasoline and 9 euros and 86 cents more for diesel, with an increase, respectively, 16.6% and 15.6%. An increase that, on an annual basis, would produce a theoretical blow of 274 euros per year for gasoline and 237 euros for diesel ”, said Dona.

For this reason, the request for an intervention by the executive by the president of Federconsumatori, Emilio Viafora: “It is urgent that the Government take action to cut these costs, closely monitoring surcharges and speculations, especially in view of the summer departures, but also by resorting to a more sustainable taxation system ”.

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