these 500 pieces are worth a fortune

these 500 pieces are worth a fortune
these 500 pieces are worth a fortune

A 500 lire coin could yield a considerable amount. Indeed, if at the edge of minting we speak of a real treasure.

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The lyre exerts a timeless charm. Perhaps for the nostalgic charge it gives to those who have lived it, but also for a certain tendency of the old coins to gradually inflate their value as time passes from their setting aside. And here, suddenly, from our old piggy banks, coins of incredible value can sprout, which very often we are not even aware of. Sure, not all coins bequeath a large sum. However, if you pay attention to certain details, you can bet that you can become, if not rich, at least a little more puffy in your pockets.

The beauty is that anyone can do it since, some more and some less, we all have at least some old currency at home that we didn’t have time to convert into euros. Or simply to have a tangible memory of it, in memory of childhood or the coveted old coin. Basically, it’s not just the stuff of numismatists or collectors. Any of us can find a fortune in a small coin. Better still if with some unusual details.

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It is never just a coin: the 500 lire which is worth gold

Those who are a few years older will surely remember the 500 lire Caravelle, or the coin that depicted the three ships of Christopher Columbus while sailing to the New World. A very particular story that of the coin, initially not minted by virtue of others that celebrated the cent of the unification of Italy. In the early 1960s, however, a trial version already existed, put into circulation in an absolutely limited way. But since you never know what can happen in life, if you have one of these 500 lire it is worth a look. Especially if on the reverse, at the bottom left, we should notice the writing “Prova”.

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One detail to pay attention to are the sails of the caravels. In the trial version, in fact, they were directed against the wind, a correct positioning following the definitive entry into force of the 500 lire. There is talk of just 2,200 minted specimens, which is an extremely rare piece. The technical details speak of an 835% silver coin, 29 millimeters in diameter and 11 grams in weight. Adding all this, the value of this inimitable piece could rise up to 15 thousand euros, in the case of Brilliant Uncirculated. Other than “old” lire …

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