job offer for Airbnb

job offer for Airbnb
job offer for Airbnb

There is an interesting – and original – job opportunity we want to tell you about: it is a ‘an Airbnb initiative the one that concerns working lifestyles that are increasingly flexible and on the move. The web-famous platform for travel bookings and short-term rentals, as well as the job offer recently presented, it will also offer reimbursement of expenses to the worker for transport.

You have to be selected, however, and the offer is not open to everyone. There are, in fact, pre-requisites. For the lucky ones who will be chosen by Airbnb (and anyone who wants to try to participate, can) it will be like working while being on vacation for a year and always away from home.

Let’s see the details of thejob offer for Airbnb, what it is and which figures can be among the lucky ones that the platform will choose.

What is the Airbnb job offer?

The job offer for Airbnb it consists of one year traveling around the world with paid accommodation and reimbursement of expenses for all transport used while traveling.

The program is called Live anywhere, with Airbnb and the platform initiative will only concern 12 people. Each person is offered the opportunity to bring a maximum of 3 companions who will experience the thrill of living in Airbnb accommodation for a whole year together with the chosen one.

What kind of people is Airbnb looking for: who can apply, the requirements

The ideal people that Airbnb seeks as candidates are capable of work remotely and deal with some area within the creative sector. These two pre-requisites are indicated by the site of the homonymous platform as fundamental.

Furthermore, Airbnb provides other indications: it can be people who love to travel without going far, or of workers who “They have a lifestyle of a digital nomad” (as the website reports).

Still, a person eligible for candidacy could be a parent who no longer lives with their children or even young families. An essential pre-requisite for all, however, is the knowledge of English language.

Companions and how many months do you travel

I three companions they can be chosen by the selected person according to his preferences. These must, however, fall within the categories mentioned by Airbnb.

Also accompanying persons – as well as the selected person – must be able to travel for twelve consecutive months, from July 2021 to July 2022. The months during which the selected people will be employed on trips amount to a total of 10.

What is working for Airbnb?

The 12 selected, in addition to traveling and staying, will take care of a specific task for Airbnb and, in particular, that of giving “feedback” .

This means that every traveler will have to give opinions on every trip and every accommodation in order to help the platform improve and make Airbnb bookings and stays easier.

Not only that: the platform, in fact, through the reviews of the participants, will also be able to understand which are the ideal accommodations for those traveling alone, with family or in other conditions.

How to apply for the job offer and when it expires

To apply for the job offer for Airbnb, the procedure is extremely simple. In fact, go to the official website of the platform ( and search for the campaign Live anywhere, with Airbnb.

Then, just click on “Send your application now” and answer a few questions. From this page it will also be possible to read the entire section dedicated to Selection Terms.

The opening date of the candidacy is set for today 9 June; while the deadline for expressing interest in the job offer is set for June 30, 2021.

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