Vodafone appeals against the exclusive Dazn-Tim partnership

Vodafone appeals against the exclusive Dazn-Tim partnership
Vodafone appeals against the exclusive Dazn-Tim partnership

dazn e Vodafone they came to the fight. As reported by The sun 24 hours, the streaming sports platform wants to terminate the contract that binds it to the telephone company – and that binds the Dazn app to Vodafone TV – until August 2022.

The company led in Italy by Aldo Bisio, however, is not there and promises battle in court. And even if the formal reason does not lie in the exclusivity that binds Dazn to Tim – the result of the agreement reached on the occasion of the assignment of the 2021-2024 Serie A TV rights to Dazn – it is clear where the question lies.

The expiration of the contract to have the Dazn app within Vodafone TV is August 2022. Respecting it, the hypothesis of Tim’s CEO would fail. Luigi Gubitosi: «The agreement is covered by the NDA, a confidentiality clause, but we can say that it is similar to the one with Disney. So we are the only telco that can distribute the subscriptions».

The beginning of the fight – he explains The sun 24 hours – it dates back to 12 March, when Dazn sent Vodafone a letter of termination of the contract, as the telco would not have waited for the platform’s ok before launching two Vodafone TV advertising campaigns in February.

Vodafone replies on April 27 with a precautionary appeal (pursuant to article 700) by asking the Turin Business Section Court (the headquarters of Vodafone in Italy is in Ivrea) to “inibire a Dazn»The termination of the relationship. On April 29, the Tribunal issues a measure espousing the reasons of Vodafone and setting a hearing on May 31st.

Court that he declares himself incompetent for “lack of jurisdiction”, by returning the ball to the judge in the UK, starting from the assumption that Dazn has among the clauses of the contract that of remitting every case to the English court. But Vodafone would be ready for the complaint and the game is open, when the new season is just a few months away.


Vodafone appeals exclusive DaznTim partnership

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