how is it going in 2021

how is it going in 2021
how is it going in 2021

A more dynamic market, but with slightly rising prices. This is what can be seen from the CasaLAB report on the data provided by the portal for the first quarter of 2021.

The average price per square meter in the city of Bologna is € 3,060, slightly up compared to a year ago, when it was € 3,038 (+ 0.7%), and compared to last quarter when it was € 3,035 (+0 , 8%).

There are areas such as Colli, Borgo Panigale – Aeroporto, Barca, Costa Saragozza, which have had a greater increase of + 6% year on year, while there are other areas such as Centro-Irnerio, Colli San Ruffillo, Mazzini-Fossolo, where average prices per square meter fell by more than -6%.

The most expensive areas of the city are Colli with € 4,137 per sq m, Galvani-Santo Stefano with € 3,914 per sq m, Centro-Malpighi with € 3,819 per sq m, Centro-Marconi with € 3,746 per sq m.

The most convenient are Borgo-Panigale Airport with € 2,344 per sq m, San Donato-Pilastro with € 2,345 per sq m, Corticella with € 2,350 per sq m and Lame-Pescarola with € 2,464 per sq m.

More dynamic market: fewer days of publication

The market appears to be more dynamic than a year ago with an average duration of ad serving decreasing, with 65 days compared to 77 in the first quarter of 2020.

The most dynamic areas are San Donato Pilastro, which is one of the two areas with the lowest price per square meter, with an average ad stay of a month and a half, like Saffi, despite its average price per square meter of € 3,245. is higher than the city average, and Costa Saragozza with 49 days, despite an average price per square meter of € 3,509, confirming an increase in interest in these areas.

Bologna real estate market: the best-selling type

In Bologna, the offer of sale advertisements published on consists mainly of three-room apartments, followed by four-room apartments and properties with over 5 rooms. The demand for three-room apartments in the city, which represents 32% of the total, and for four-room apartments, which represents 27%, is greater than the supply (28% three-room apartments and 23% four-room apartments). The demand for properties with more than 5 rooms, studios and apartments is lower than the supply.

The lack of supply and demand for three-room apartments is more pronounced in the Irnerio, Saffi, Costa Saragozza areas, where demand is much higher than supply; for the four-room apartments in the Marconi, Galvani-Santo Stefano, Santa Viola areas.

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