beware of this Lidl product, it is dangerous

beware of this Lidl product, it is dangerous
beware of this Lidl product, it is dangerous

Food withdrawal, the Lidl supermarket chain withdraws a product from the market for contamination. What are the risks involved?

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The supermarket chain Lidl, owned by the German Schwarz family, is in excellent health. It is one of the most flourishing discount distribution realities in the world, with a very strong presence in Italy.

The latest complications related to a food withdrawal they will certainly not affect the reputation of the brand. Nonetheless, they still represent a problem for the company to address.

The offending food product, relating to some batches packaged in France, would contain ethylene oxide, a chemical commonly used to disinfect and sterilize. The chemical agent, toxic to humans in substantial quantities was found in one of the ingredients, dei stuffed puff pastry bundles Selection sofa Deluxe brand.

Food collection at Lidl: what risks are there?

Ethylene oxide has been reported in the chilli pepper used in the filling of the bundles packaged by the company Ajinomoto Frozen Foods. The establishment of the offending lots come from the factory in Allée des Tournesols a Castelsarrasin in Francia.

The quantity of the chemical agent found in the bundles Selection sofa it is quite modest. It would be equal to an alleged concentration of 0.0000183 mg / kg, below the most worrying warning levels. Lidl has therefore proceeded to issue a warning note in which customers are reassured about the most serious health risks.

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Nevertheless, as a precaution, it was still recommended to avoid the consumption of the products in question. The lots marked by the codes subject to food recall or that do not respect the conservation limit must be redeliverythe. To do this, you can contact the Lidl toll-free number or return them to the point of purchase, even if you do not have the receipt that certifies the purchase.


beware Lidl product dangerous

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