Milk, the price drops: Sardinian shepherds are back on a war footing

Milk, the price drops: Sardinian shepherds are back on a war footing
Milk, the price drops: Sardinian shepherds are back on a war footing

A moment of the protest of the shepherds of 2019

Gianuario Falchi: cooperatives are above the euro per liter, the industrial remains at 0.85 while everything needed for production has increased in price

CAGLIARI. “We cannot think that 30% of milk is paid by 20 to 30 cents less per liter as already happened in 2019 and 2020, let’s see what the excuse will be for 2021 and let’s see if the shepherds will still be willing to lose the I earn them so in silence ». This is what the “shepherds without a flag” of Sardinia declare, through one of the spokesmen, Gianuario Falchi, leader of the protest two years ago when the streets of the island were whitewashed by spilled milk to contest the too low wages.

«Today – continues Falchi – the balance sheets of the cooperatives are starting to be heard: they are almost all above 1 euro per liter while the industrial remains at 0.85. In the meantime, they have seen fit to relieve us of the alleged earnings with the absurd increases on all the products we buy to be able to obtain this blessed liter of milk: just think that on feed we have gone to an increase of up to 6 euros per quintal, on more fertilizers. 10 euros per quintal, agricultural diesel more than 0.10 per liter. And all the rest ditto: nobody talks about it, nobody checks it, nobody does anything to avoid this. During the protest we asked for certain rules for the future for everyone, which is why they prevented us from making the last tables, those where we had to write the rules and calculate the real price of milk ».

There is a lot of disappointment among the breeders: «On the other hand, all the promises of the regional councilor that the premiums will be paid by 30 June seems to me to be just fantasy. The only sure things are the trials of the pastors, but politics will deal with this issue in the next elections as well ”. (Handle).


Milk price drops Sardinian shepherds war footing

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