M5s in pieces: Raffaella Andreola also leaves the probivira

M5s in pieces: Raffaella Andreola also leaves the probivira
M5s in pieces: Raffaella Andreola also leaves the probivira

There is just no peace in the house M5s. After having solved the Rousseau case, not without controversy, a new grain for the pentastellati immediately appears. In fact, in the last few hours a tear has taken place that only feeds tensions in the Movement. This time she left her post Raffaella Andreola who said goodbye to the College of Arbitrators.

In a letter addressed to the “associative bodies” of the Movement, which Adnkronos was able to see, Andreola announced her irrevocable resignation. A gesture, explained the pentastellata, which comes later “the choice not to democratically elect a Political Leader 30 days after the resignation of Luigi Di Maio (as required by the rules and the Statute) ” e “the choice to keep a regent in prorogatio for over a year while he was also a member of the Guarantee Committee, creating an imbalance of powers between the management body (Political Chief) and the guarantee body (Guarantee Committee) and above all a clear separation between the competences of the two bodies “. But there is more. In the same letter, Andreola also denounced having perceived what she defined “persistent pressures” on the College of Arbitrators for “not to implement disciplinary measures against those who did not respect the rules such as the payment of the shares due to theRousseau Association“.

The choice of the regent to give a mandate to the group leaders also pushed Andreola to resign “and therefore also to the Arbitrators” to provide for the expulsion of parliamentarians who have not voted to trust the current executive and “the choice of the other members of the Board of Arbitrators to open proceedings against parliamentarians who have not voted their confidence in the Draghi government, leaving aside important and previous dossiers such as the spokespersons back with the reports “. But as the now former probivira herself highlighted, there is also a motivation linked to compliance with the rules among the reasons that led her to take the drastic decision.

Andreola recalled the choice of the other members of the Board of Arbitrators “not to meet and view the defense briefs by those who have undergone the precautionary suspension measure for not having voted the confidence of the Draghi Government, despite the 90 days foreseen by the Statute from the delivery of the defense brief by those who have undergone the provision (it follows that the recipients of these proceedings are not expelled to date and, in my opinion, must be reinstated in the respective M5s parliamentary groups of the Chamber and Senate in waiting for the new body – if appointed – to evaluate such cases) “. And, again, the choice of the other associative bodies of the 5s after the Statutory amendment last February decided by the members not to elect the executive committee who is responsible for the leadership of the Movement by the Statute.

No less important is the decision to carry out future votes on a platform other than Rousseau, a provision that the former probivira considers to be “in stark contrast to the provisions of the Statute of the 5 Star Movement”. And finally, “the choice not to publish the results of the votes of the States General”. The new earthquake threatens to blow up the already precarious balance between the pentastellati.


M5s pieces Raffaella Andreola leaves probivira

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