CATGE is born, a new Dogecoin antagonist! Analysis

The long wave of the meme does not seem to want to stop. Last among the arrivals is Cage, token that incorporates (and is quite evident) what we have already seen with SHIB and with other cryptocurrencies that aim to exploit Doge’s popularity by trying to get over it in design and also in the ideals that animate the community.

Catge is first and foremost a word pun, by Doge, which is replaced with a cat, which incorporates posture and colors. But the link with the much more popular Dogecoin does not end there. Because Catge, at least according to what is told by the founders of the project, was born just like act of rebellion to the manipulations (by Elon Musk but not only) of the meme token most famous in the world.

A preliminary analysis on CATGE, the meme token of the moment

The token, which already has some popularity among fans of meme linked to cryptocurrencies, has a highly volatile trend – and it is not certain that it will be able to establish itself like other similar projects, specifically Shiba Inu token $ SHIB, although the assumptions seem to be quite interesting. Let’s try to find out more together – analyzing what this project can offer.

What is Catge?

Technically speaking, Catge Coin is a BEP-20 token, the protocol set gives Binance, and can therefore be traded on Pancakeswap. The maximum number of tokens in circulation is set at around 1,000 billion CARGE tokens, for a tokenomics that closely resembles that of other projects born in contrast a Dogecoin.

However, it will not be the technical aspect that will interest most. As is also reported on the official site of the project, is a project that even aims to become the dominant token on the Internet, and not just in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Project with a strong community

There are no owners for the basic token contract – with the creators they have burned their personal wallets before the launch of the token on the markets. He also talks about the project on several occasions Francesco Facchinetti, who is on Twitter being one of the most prominent supporters of the project. A battle with blows meme which, again, is very reminiscent of what Musk usually does with Dogecoin.

The unmissable meme with Alessandro Orlando, the very popular face of the former TeleMarket

A community that in Italy, also thanks to the push of Facchinetti, is becoming more and more important and numerous. The Telegram channel has almost 10,000 members and has been growing steadily for several days.

  • A timeline full of appointments

The next steps for the project have already been set in a rather dense schedule. The first are expected for the current quarter Meme Contest, which will have as their main objective the dissemination of the token and its ideals on the main social networks.

For the next quarter, which is from July to October, Catge is expected to launch a platform for the exchange of NFT. On the platform, as is also reported on the website, you can sell your NFTs while maintaining full ownership of your tokens until the sale itself.

The most ambitious goal that the project has set by the end of the year: the listing on all major exchange, something for which projects with a much higher capitalization however took years – just think of the delay with which Doge arrived on Coinbase.

Everything will depend on how popular the token actually becomes. Because its most important counterpart, SHIB, is recently arrived on as well, a sign that even the financial world that matters is open to solutions of this type and to accept them as if they were normal financial assets.

A rebellion, but towards whom?

According to what has been stated by the project several times, we are actually facing a new token that will try to fight the manipulations of the usual suspects against Dogecoin and to create a space for a vibrant community free from conditioning.

The explicit reference is towards Elon Musk, which continues to move the price of Dogecoin relatively at will – and at whales who hold an extremely significant part of DOGE’s working capital in their portfolios.

Goals are important ones – and they will be very difficult to achieve. All with a system of LP who will pay the hodlers only until October, to make the project more suitable for desired of the main exchanges. We will see where CATGE can arrive.

For now, those who invest in it embark on a very high-risk and very fun-filled venture. The season of meme token it is far from its conclusion – and CATGE is just yet another demonstration of it.

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