On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 9 June: Open day. The biologist Poli: “they are sending them to bang”

On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 9 June: Open day. The biologist Poli: “they are sending them to bang”
On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 9 June: Open day. The biologist Poli: “they are sending them to bang”

Politicians & robes Here is the network of the “Amara system”

“For friends, favors, for others the law”, summarizes the investigating judge of Potenza, authorizing the arrest of Piero Amara, his accomplice Filippo Paradiso and providing for the obligation of residence for the former prosecutor of Taranto, Carlo Capristo . And to apply the binary system of “favors” and “law” it was Capristo for whom, sponsoring […]

The interview

“With Rousseau it was tough. We will no longer delegate anything “

Vito Crimi – The chief regent of the 5Stelle

For the Pnrr

Here is the task force to simplify the laws: it is the eighth …

It will be in Chigi, where there is already one. The decree in the Chamber

The Draghi line falters

Stop layoffs: extension possible for various sectors in crisis

Parties – M5S, Pd, LeU in favor, the League is unknown

Office abuse in focus

Child wounded in kindergarten, Pd mayor investigated. It is a bipartisan revolt: “Laws to change”

The guarantee notice had been sent to her on June 3, but the mayor of the Pd of Crema, Stefania Bonaldi, gave the news yesterday during the city council. The accusation that the Prosecutor of Cremona moves against is that of negligent injuries on an accident that took place on October 20 in a nursery school in Crema: a […]

One, none and a hundred thousand: Mirko Zeppellini and his aliases

The serial scammer. Fake scoops and crime news

Biden brings America back to Europe: “Trust us”

The baedeker, the guide that Joe Biden takes with him on his trip to Europe, is a report drawn up by the National Security Council: a trace that helps him not to lose the compass of the national interest of the United States in the various meetings of the next days, the G7 Summit, from Friday to Sunday, in Cornwall; […]


Carelli & C .: the 5S troop on the right

Dozens of ex have already gone with Toti, B., Lega and Fdi

The interview – Valeria Poli

“Thrombosis in young people related to AZ use: conscientious scientists”

Valeria Poli, professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Turin and president of Sibbm (Italian Society of Biophysics and Molecular Biology), is among the signatories of the appeal issued by the Luca Coscioni association asking not to administer vector vaccines to young people adenoviral AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. It was signed, among others, by Anna Rubartelli who teaches […]

of A. Man.

about everything

Patents, the EU strategy always speaks German

The European vaccine strategy speaks German. In fact, Germany is above all the country that is benefiting from the choices made by Brussels. “The European Commission has so far secured 4.4 billion doses of vaccines against Covid-19 and negotiations are underway for further doses”, says the institution led by Ursula von der Leyen, a German from the CDU, […]


There is the Gregorian New Year and there is the Chinese one. And then that of Toti

After the Gregorian and Chinese New Year, the Ligurians celebrated a new anniversary on Monday evening: Toti’s New Year. A party in style to greet the white zone and “come back to life” to use the words of the president of the Liguria Region, who has always been a great supporter of the end of anti-Covid restrictions. Toti had introduced her […]

Fannulloni and Rdc

Sammontana & C. they find the workers: just pay them

If you only listen to the voices of the owners of hotels and restaurants, it seems that they are the only entrepreneurs in the country to offer jobs, systematically rejected by a generation of “slackers”, “lovers of subsidies”, first of all the execrated Basic income. In fact, the data released yesterday by Anpal and Unioncamere say the exact […]

Uncertain times

The return of the prophets and Italy in the hands of social banality

False freedom – The analysis of the political scientist Maurizio Viroli

The frontier

Harris closes the door to migrants, Ocasio: “A real disappointment”

Faida dem – The vice president and the flow of desperados

The character

Mladic, the butcher who blames fate

Ever since his capture in 2011, Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic has tried to blame fate for the war crimes he committed during the Balkan war that bloodied the region for three years since 1992. The “butcher “Who ordered his soldiers to exterminate all men, […]

Unpublished correspondence

With Celan, love is … in verse

Between the two famous poets. Face to face with Bachmann

of Massimo Novelli


There is too little architecture at the Architecture Biennale

Between the Arsenale and the central Pavilion of the Giardini few models and many plants, few materials and many ideas, little lime and a lot of biopolitics. And some exceptions

The book

Talarico and the infinite (and turbid) conflicts generated by the couple

52 small stories for dramas that become comedians

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