Abs, new rolling plant inaugurated: 190 million invested. Fedriga: “He is the best in the world”

Abs, new rolling plant inaugurated: 190 million invested. Fedriga: “He is the best in the world”
Abs, new rolling plant inaugurated: 190 million invested. Fedriga: “He is the best in the world”

UDINE. Acciaierie Bertoli Safau, the steelmaking division of the Danieli group, inaugurated the new Quality Wire Rod 4.0 (Qwr), a steelmaking plant that will produce special and quality steel wire rod, on Tuesday 8 June in the Abs plants in Cargnacco.

Digital, sustainable and safe: Danieli, here is the new steel plant

The plant was built with an investment of 190 million euros, 838 days after the first stone was laid. This is the most advanced plant in the world in the sector which, according to Danieli, “will make ABS play a leading role in the international market”.

158 specialized technicians will be hired. When fully operational, the plant will produce 500,000 tonnes (at a maximum speed of 400km / h).


«It is the best system in the world in the sector». Thus, the president of the Fvg Region, Massimiliano Fedriga, defined the new steel plant.

Fedriga recalled that he came to Cargnacco «24 months ago, to lay the first stone» and today there is a reality that represents «a great efficiency in Friuli Venezia Giulia and a world reality. A reality fully within the objectives of the sustainable economy “.


Today’s plant “is the way forward also as a country system – added Fedriga – a way in which we can be competitive, respecting sustainability and work”.

“We are certainly living and going towards a new phase in which even the European institutions have understood that economic policy cannot be just an accountancy type budget policy, economic policy must go back to being industrial policy”.


This was stated by the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, during a video link for the inauguration of the new rolling mill.

“To do this – he stressed – everyone must go back to doing their job well: the entrepreneur must be an entrepreneur and the state must do the state”.

“This work – he added – represents a great signal for all Italian politics, not just for industry”.


“Without entrepreneurs there is no economy, the State must regulate, respect those who put their money into it, those who courageously invest in the future, accept challenges, as you did, with an investment like this, in a period like this, in a sector that accepts challenges “.

An initiative “good for you, for the country, for the challenges that lead to employment”, Giorgetti concluded.



The investment of 190 million euros, combined with the 20 months of work that saw the close collaboration of the Abs and Danieli teams, were necessary for the construction of the most advanced plant in the world in the sector, which will make Abs play a role at the forefront of the international market, without forgetting the induced activities it will generate locally, with the recruitment of 158 highly specialized figures.


Qwr 4.0. it is the seat of the most advanced technologies with a total weight of 11 thousand tons that will be used for the production of special and quality steel wire rod.

When fully operational it will boast an annual productivity of 500 thousand tons at a maximum speed of 400km / h: this will allow Abs to be among the few international industries able to offer the entire dimensional range, expanding the reference market with a range (5- 25mm) which integrates with that of the Luna bordione (13-63mm).


With a turnover of 200 million euros when fully operational, production will be equally distributed between the local and foreign markets.

The wire rod produced by Abs is a long semi-finished product, wound in coils, obtained from the rolling of steel blooms of its own local and international production.

Unlike the traditional wire rod for commodities, the new Qwr system is mainly designed for the production of special steel wire rod, widely used in the automotive world, for applications such as car suspensions, engine fixing screws, connecting rods and bearings. The areas of use also include drawing and the field of welding.

The plant incorporates the most modern indications in terms of organization of the production phases, safety and production efficiency: versatility, “Zero man on the floor” and environmental protection.


The plant has been designed to be extremely flexible and able to manage small groups of both common and special grade steels, therefore capable of operating according to a “tailor-made” logic.

This system introduces multiple innovations in the field of safety, enabling the “Zero man on the floor” concept, with most of the process and control activities highly automated.

The process, elsewhere guided manually, is here managed remotely thanks to an innovative system that uses artificial intelligence and new paradigms of ergonomics and “Human-machine interface” and which, through the use of magnetic tablets arranged along the train lamination, greatly improves the control of the plant.

The automatic warehouse allows the storage of the finished product and is able to house about 12,000 tons of reels, protecting them from bad weather and in particular from potential surface defects.

These technologies, flexible and scalable, allow the implementation of individual parts in new or existing plants, with a system that also allows an important leap in personnel safety and the reduction of environmental impact.


The environmental impact is minimized thanks to the replacement of activities as patented now managed by technologies that do not require the use of molten lead salts but of water at controlled temperatures and by a Zero scale furnace for heating the billet, capable of halving the quantity of scale generated during the processing of semi-products, with minimum use of gas and reduced emissions.

10,000 tons of Ecogravel were used for the asphalt and paving of the plant area.

In this way, not only were production waste recycled, but waste and disposal costs were also minimized.

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