Will Leapmotor T03, the electric clone of Fiat 500 land in Europe?

Will Leapmotor T03, the electric clone of Fiat 500 land in Europe?
Will Leapmotor T03, the electric clone of Fiat 500 land in Europe?

Assault on Europe? The phenomenon on the Chinese electricity market of the moment is Leapmotor T03, a small blatantly inspired by the Fiat 500 in its forms. With a sales increase of 1,226% compared to a year ago, with deliveries of 3,195 pieces in May, supported by two other models, the S01 and C11, coming to a total of 9,104 registrations in the first five months of 2021.

Numbers that begin to be made important. It style of the car had an impact, along with obviously the price, very competitive for a small electric car, even on the Chinese market.

Price from 8 thousand euros

Net of incentives Leapmotor T03 does notn starting price, at the exchange rate, of about 8,000 euros, reaching up to 9,300 for the most equipped version.

The success of the car, 3.62 meters long (Fiat Panda is 3.65 meters long), could lead in the medium term to perspectives more ambitious.

The founder of the brand Zhu Jiangming It is going to reach a 10% electric car market share in China, to then also land in Europe, strong of just one style of the cars considered alluring also for our latitudes.

300 km of autonomy for the city car

Leapmotor T03 is a city ​​car a four seats, equipped with a 74 horsepower electric motor and 155 Nm of torque. And of one battery, equipped with intelligent management of the coolant and heating, from 36,5 kWh accredited by one autonomy in WLTP cycle of 300 km.

Speed ​​in China is limited to 100km / h, but 130km / h will be possible on our market. Potentially it would be a direct competitor of models such as Renault Twingo Electric, but with a valuable equipment for the top of the Deluxe Edition range: camera, eleven sensors and asecond level driving assistance.

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