Problems in the sites, down also Twitch and Reddit. Denied hacker attack: what happened

Problems in the sites, down also Twitch and Reddit. Denied hacker attack: what happened
Problems in the sites, down also Twitch and Reddit. Denied hacker attack: what happened

Rome, June 8, 2021 – Un global internet crash. In every part of the world many internet sites gods major media or institutions they went this morning (Monday 8th June) in down. Some of the world’s leading media websites were found to be unreachable: among them the Cnn, the Guardian, the Financial Times, l’Indipendent and the New York Times. But also social networks Reddit e Twitch. In Italy the down has interested Gazzetta dello Sport e Corriere della Sera.

Several i error messages: for example an interruption of the server connection (Error 503) or the lack of domain recognition.

As mentioned, the down also affected institutional sites such as White House or that of British government. The crash also affected platforms such as Reddit or the payment system Paypal, experienced access difficulties. During the morning, many of the sites were back up and running. Others continued to operate intermittently.

The cause

According to what is being issued, it would be a technical problem to the cloud system of Fastly the reason for the inaccessibility of thousands of websites around the world. Instead, he is not involved Amazon Web Services, as had been reported by some users and reported by the agencies.

Fastly, one of the most used companies in the world for the services of Content Delivery Management, that is the server network that allows the consultation of the contents, explained that it is still investigating the reason for the disservice. And to be working to solve the problem. The iptes is deniedi hacker attack on a global scale.

Cdn, what are they

I Content Delivery Network (Cdn) they are one of the key parts of the world’s internet infrastructure. These companies manage global server networks to optimize the performance and accessibility of web services. The CDNs work as intermediary servers and store data on the server as close as possible to the end user. Without the Cdn, any information should be transmitted from the original server, perhaps to the other side of the world, every time a page is loaded.

Over time, the offering of CDNs has become increasingly sophisticated and includes numerous security services ranging from DDos protection (i.e., mitigation of distributed denial-of-service attacks) to firewall for web applications that obstruct traffic from suspicious customers. In addition to Fastly and Amazon Web Service, among the most used CDN providers are Cloudflare, CloudFront e Akamai. Today’s crash does not seem to be limited to single server nodes but appears global in character.

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