New blow to our accounts: gasoline rises again

New blow to our accounts: gasoline rises again
New blow to our accounts: gasoline rises again

New increase in the cost of petrol, which for the first time in two years now comes back to almost € 1.60 per liter.

To denounce the constant increase in price of fuels is the president of the national consumer union Massimiliano Dona. “The sting continues for Italian motorists”, in fact, the president explained by analyzing the situation on the basis of the data transmitted weekly by the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise). “Gasoline is close to 1.6 euros per liter, 1.599 euros (1.59904), marking the record for over two years, ie since the survey on 22 July 2019 when it reached 1,599 euros (1.59993) per liter”, points out Dona again.

An increase, however, that is not exclusively related to gasoline, given that diesel has also reached its peak for over a year now: “For the diesel fuel, which today costs 1.458 euros per liter, this is a record for a year and 4 months, from 3 February 2020 when it stood at 1,469 euros per liter “.

According to the president of the National Consumers Union, behind this further upward adjustment of the price of fuels there would be a real speculation, implemented in conjunction with a bridge: “We took advantage of one of the very few bridges this year to raise the price of fuel even more”, says Dona with conviction, as reported by AdnKronos. “A speculation beautiful and good! “.

The increase will have serious repercussions on conti of Italian families:“Since the beginning of the year, from the survey of January 4, in 5 months, a 50-liter tank has increased by 7 euros and 88 cents for gasoline and by 6 euros and 93 cents for diesel, with an increase, respectively , 10.9% and 10.5% “. This therefore means a real blow which, calculated on an annual basis, corresponds to “89 euros per year for petrol and 166 euros for diesel”.

Even making a comparison between the costs recorded in the same period last year, the gap is decidedly evident: “In a calendar year, ie from the survey of 8 June 2020, when gasoline was € 1,371 per liter and diesel fuel was € 1,260 per liter, a 50-liter tank costs € 11 and 40 cents more for gasoline and 9 euros and 86 cents more for diesel, with a rise, respectively, by 16.6% and 15.6% “, the president of the National Consumers Union continues. Using the data collected to hypothesize the repercussions on an annual basis we arrive at “274 euros per year for petrol and 237 euros for diesel”, concludes Dona.

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