Support bis, VAT numbers: turnover threshold rises to 15 million?

Support bis, VAT numbers: turnover threshold rises to 15 million?
Support bis, VAT numbers: turnover threshold rises to 15 million?

Possible good news coming for VAT numbers. Expected to be around 3 million, the requests for non-repayable support from VAT numbers have been lower and therefore it will be possible to extend the aid even beyond the turnover threshold allowed so far, raising it from 10 current to 15 million.

This is the hypothesis to which the Minister of the Economy, Daniele Franco, opened yesterday hearing in the Budget Commission of the Chamber, who specified that “from the Revenue Agency a number of questions emerged under the two million” with resources used less than approx four billion to the initial estimate. The “resources that are released in some way must be reused,” he added.

Check out the treasury of 4 billion

Available, therefore, a “Treasure” of about four billion “for the summer intervention based on the operating results”, with the raising of the threshold for access to aid up to 15 million in turnover.

Fewer questions, more help

The owner of the Treasury with the data arriving from the Revenue Agency that are beginning to clarify the audience of shops, restaurateurs, tourism operators who have applied for grants of the ‘Sostegni’ and ‘Sostegni Bis’ decrees, outlines the summer intervention that will focus on these categories, undoubtedly among the most affected by the pandemic, after having qualified the latest economic decree as essential to avoid “permanent damage to the economy “and on the wave of economic forecasts that are improving:” it is probable that if everything continues at the pace of the last few weeks, on the economic and health annual GDP forecast can be revised upwards “. An opening to improve the estimate of 4.5% growth in 2021, which comes after Istat, various study centers and most recently Confindustria.

Franco also spoke about the Alitalia dossier: “We are in the final phase, we plan to close within the month,” he said. “The European Commission recognizes the industrial plan that will allow Ita to be competitive in discontinuity with the old Alitalia. This will involve a difficult transition, of the various assets of Alitalia, some will move to Ita, with tenders “. The goal is to overcome the necessary transition phase, trying to “not compromise the summer season”


Support bis VAT numbers turnover threshold rises million

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