Current account, suspended ATM withdrawals: this is what will happen

From July stop to one of the most widespread practices in recent years: this is what will happen in a few weeks.

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The sector banking it is now in complete and constant revolution. The branches have taken on traits and habits that we would hardly have hypothesized a few years ago. Let’s consider the concept of “hub” for example, or the subsidiary company which no longer has cash functions but only consultancy, with the automatic cash machines used for everything else, something literally inconceivable only a decade ago, but perhaps even less. But the revolution has not yet ceased, indeed, in some cases contexts, for some companies it is still being completed.

Let’s think about the case of Ing, bank with millions of users. From July, the customers in question will have to say goodbye to the ATM for that it concerns withdrawals from their bank. Ing, in fact, will close its branches, leaning, so as not to leave the service uncovered for its customers to other banking institutions. Obviously, for account holders, the service in some cases could be a payment for amounts of less than 50 euros withdrawn. Another distinction, for example, will be made for account holders with previous subscriptions to 2018, the most loyal in short, who will avoid certain commission payments on withdrawals from other bank branches.

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Current account, goodbye to ATM withdrawals: what will change for account holders throughout Italy

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Little more than a million account holders in Italy who will have to turn to other banks to be able to make withdrawals and in most cases also pay commissions on the withdrawal itself. For customers prior to 2018 no charge will be imposed for each withdrawal from another ATM over 50 euros. Below this amount, there will be a fee of 0.50 cents. For post 2018 customers there will be a fixed commission of 0.75 cents at all ATMs in Italy.

Advantages, also for those who insure a accreditation of at least 1000 euros on the current account deriving from salary or pension there will be zero withdrawal costs. Ing hubs will increase by a few units, while the branches of Trieste, Mestre, Vicenza, will completely close. Genoa, Cagliari, Florence, Catania, Bergamo, Verona and Monza. Other branches, on the other hand, will be transferred as in the case of the Rome Salaria, Rome Tuscolana, di Naples, Padua, Milan and Bologna, while the only one to remain where it is now will be that of Turin.

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In short, a real revolution, with account holders who could in part be disadvantaged by decisions of the company. In any case, the big bank decides with the account holders obliged to comply with the rules, otherwise forced to change credit of reference.

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