Pezzone vaccines

Pezzone vaccines
Pezzone vaccines

08 June 2021 08:23

The equation is easy: the more doses there are, the more vaccinations you get. And since the anti-covid preparation is no longer in short supply, the Lombard vaccination campaign is accelerating. The data published daily by the Ministry of Health are proof: since June 4, the Lombard vaccination machine – which up to two months ago was in great difficulty not only due to the lack of drugs – has begun to exceed 100,000 injections a day. In a week (from May 31 to June 6) 664 thousand doses of vaccine were injected, a few weeks ago to reach this milestone it took two months of incessant work (from December 27 to February 25, 655 thousand doses were injected).

Currently, the vaccination campaign is mainly proceeding with vaccines produced by Pfizer / Biontech: in the last week (31 May – 6 June) 421,000 (64% of the total) were administered, followed by Janessen (104,000), 85,000 preparations from Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) and 53 thousand doses of Moderna. In the refrigerators of Lombardy there are 134 thousand doses of Pfizer, 225 thousand of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), 23 thousand of Janessen and 63 thousand of Moderna.

Lombardy wants to administer at least one dose of vaccine to 80% of Lombards by the end of July

“To date we are close to community immunity, which is reached with about 70% of the vaccinated population aged 12 and over. This is the situation in Lombardy. We hope to reach 80% vaccinated before September, always considering the variants, but we are ready for any Covid queues “. This was stated by the vice president of Lombardy, Letizia Moratti, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Unipol vaccination hub on Monday.

“In Lombardy – he underlined – today we have 6.6 million first doses administered, and this Saturday and Sunday too we have exceeded 100 thousand doses per day. I confirm that we are able to reach 144 thousand doses per day in our massive centers. With 100 thousand vaccinations a day – he adds – we will get a first dose to all those entitled by July 30, if the doses will be higher we hypothesized on July 10 “.


Pezzone vaccines

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