Vaccines Pfizer and Moderna, in Lombardy the date of the recalls changes again

Vaccines Pfizer and Moderna, in Lombardy the date of the recalls changes again
Vaccines Pfizer and Moderna, in Lombardy the date of the recalls changes again

Back to the past. From Monday 28 June, according to what was communicated by the Lombardy Welfare Directorate General, the time frame between the administration of the first dose and the recall for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines changes again in the region.

In mid-April – also and above all to guarantee at least one dose to as many people as possible – it was decided, with the government’s ok, to postpone the calls until the 42nd day, even if many have obtained an appointment for the second dose at the 35th. From June 28, however, we return to the old, probably also thanks to the supplies of vaccines, which increase more and more with the passing of the weeks.

“The second dose of the anti-covid vaccination – reads the welfare note – will be proposed by the portal for booking from the 21st day for Pfizer Biontech vaccines and from the 28th day for the Moderna vaccine. The 42-day limit remains unchanged as maximum booking date for the second vaccine dose, as per the vaccine technical data sheet “.

How to book the vaccine

The procedures for booking vaccinations always remain the same. To register on the Poste website – here the link – it will be sufficient to have the health card number and a mobile phone. It will also be possible to book from the cell center at 800894545 or from the Postamat: to do so, simply reach one of the ATMs in the area, press key 6 and insert the health card.

It will also be possible to contact the postmen at home and make an appointment with their help.

First dose by July 10?

On Monday, speaking from the first vaccine hub in the company set up at Unipol in Milan, the councilor for welfare, Letizia Moratti, also made a forecast for the next few weeks. “Massive centers and corporate hubs. We keep both possibilities open – underlined the vice president – because an increasingly important arrival of vaccines is expected. For example, even on Saturday and Sunday, despite the weekend, we have exceeded 100,000 doses per day. I therefore confirm that we can reach 144,000 doses in our massive centers, to which are added the availability in pharmacies and companies “.

“At the current doses, that is, maintaining 100,000 doses per day, we would reach July 30 at one dose for each Lombard citizen. With 120,000 doses per day – Moratti’s promise – by 10 July we could immunize all Lombards with a first dose” .

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