Cashback cunning: farewell transactions, definitive exclusion

Short life for those who in recent months have stained themselves with the now well-known expression. The crafty ones won’t have a long life.

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The crafty ones of cashback they won’t have a long life yet, that’s more than sure. The new provisions in this regard, the new management of the initiative, so to speak, the new gaze of the Government on this type of policy they will ensure that there will no longer be room for those who want and cannot do anything else in life but rely on fraudulent techniques, which bring advantages, in fact, ignoring regulations and laws. From now on, the cashback crafty people will have to understand that for them there may even be the expelled from the program and the inability to return.

The practice is very simple. The initiative cashback was created to consistently limit cash transactions in favor of those using credit cards and debit cards. The program precisely to reward those who use certain payment instruments for the purchase of goods and services, it provides for the reimbursement of 10% of the total expenditure made upon reaching 50 transactions in six months. Not only that, among these, the first 100 thousand will have access to an additional bonus, called Supercashback of 1500 euros.

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Cashback cunning: the hard hand of the state against those who do not know how to be loyal.

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From today, then the hand of the state will be much more heavy against those who have tainted themselves with little loyalty towards an initiative that had all the characteristics to be extremely advantageous for end users, indeed it has. After a first report, in fact, once the crafty person has ascertained the irregularity of some transactions, he risks being expelled from the initiative, the loss of transactions accumulated and consequently the inability to participate in the next edition of the initiative itself.

Those who wanted somehow create some small advantages within the initiative have done nothing but accelerate some processes linked to the dynamics of transactions. For example, if you passed from gas station to refuel, taking advantage of the automatic cash machine, numerous operations were carried out to eventually reach the same amount, this clearly to increase the number of operations carried out, no longer one operation from 10 euros, but ten of 1 euros or even twenty of 0.50 cents. All to the disadvantage of the petrol pump manager, who is forced to pay commissions in any case banking on each operation.

The deception, in fact, was all there. Today, it State with a series of cross-checks and carried out on all operations deemed very particular, he declared war on those who are guilty of determinate actions to obtain an advantage, to the detriment, because in the end it was so, of other people.

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The state will also exclude certain subjects from the next edition of the initiative cashback, from 30 June, the expiry date of the first part of the initiative to next 31 December. Hoping that at least in the future we do not find ourselves confronted with similar attitudes on the part of Italian citizens.

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