The refund of the car tax is coming, let’s find out who the lucky recipients are

The reimbursement of the car tax arrives for a large number of motorists but not for all. Let’s find out who are the lucky users of this nice surprise.

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Rumors about a can definitive elimination car tax are now a constant linked to the desire of Italian motorists to put an end to the hateful tax. For the moment, the proposed law being examined by the government only concerns the cancellation of the Superboll, a part of the tax, but a positive result would be the sign of hope that we all await. A second signal already in place is the refund of payment of the car tax for many motorists. Who are the lucky recipients of the surprise?

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Who will have the refund of the car tax

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While waiting for the promises made during the electoral campaigns to be kept and the car tax to be eliminated, some Italians can enjoy early reimbursement of the car tax. We are talking, specifically, of residents in the Lombardy region who will get a refund of the payment of the 2020 stamp duty.

The motorists of Lombardy the recipients of the pleasant surprise are the trade intermediaries, a category that has been economically penalized since the start of the pandemic. The restrictions on travel provided by the Lockdown have greatly interfered with the work of the freelancers in question and are now trying to remedy.

The goal is to offer support to one specific sector in such a way as to realize the commitment that the Executive has undertaken together with the Regional Council. Guido Guidesi, Councilor for Economic Development of the Lombardy Region, explained the decision. There are already reports that other regions will soon take the same action.

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How will the reimbursement of the car tax provided by the Lombardy Region take place

The refund of the car tax will come in the form of non-repayable grant the amount of which will be equal to the tax paid for the year 2020. Recipients are micro-enterprises regularly registered in the Register of Companies and which are still active in 2021. The contribution may be requested if in possession of cars, light vehicles, other types of motor vehicles, accessories and parts of motor vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles and parts of mopeds and motorcycles.

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15% discount, who can get it


The Lombardy Region proposes a further facility, one 15% discount on the car tax. In general, each motorist must annually pay a specific amount regardless of whether or not the vehicle is used. The figure is based on the power of the vehicle expressed in kw and any positive environmental impact can lead to reductions. It is possible to affirm the existence of a relationship indirectly proportional between environmental class and road tax. The higher the class, the lower the tax amount and vice versa.

The Lombardy Region has decided that, regardless of the environmental impact of their vehicle, motorists can activate the bank domiciliation for the payment of the car tax and thus obtain a 15% discount.

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