Fisker: new Pear teaser, the electric one for less than 30 thousand dollars

Fisker: new Pear teaser, the electric one for less than 30 thousand dollars
Fisker: new Pear teaser, the electric one for less than 30 thousand dollars

Fisker is still working on the debut of the Ocean electric SUV, which production will begin only in Q4 of 2022 thanks to a collaboration with Magna. The founder and CEO Henrik Fisker has never hidden his ambitious projects including that of creating a new model, codenamed Project Pear (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) which will be offered at a starting price of less than $ 30,000. Car that will be sold not only in America but also in Europe and which will be developed and built thanks to to a collaboration with Foxconn.

Now, Henrik Fisker himself wanted to share a new teaser of this car to further underline its importance in the car manufacturer’s growth strategy. The teaser, in reality, does not allow us to understand much but suggests that the future battery-powered car will have lines that could recall those of a coupe sedan. Further details on the specifications were not disclosed. For the moment, we only know that it will be built on one platform called FP28. Production, on the other hand, will start in fourth quarter of 2023.

Therefore, there will still be a lot of time to discover the characteristics of a model that on paper can become very interesting, especially considering that it will be sold in different world markets. But the news did not end here as Fisker has made it known that he wants to make an ad model zero climate impact by 2027. Not many details have been given about this project. However, the American manufacturer has highlighted that it will focus on all phases of the vehicle’s life.

In addition, the company added that the car will use recycled materials and remanufactured components and will be built in plants that run exclusively on renewable energy. An interesting project of which more details will surely emerge over time.

Meanwhile, Fisker already has many projects to conclude including the particularly curious one concerning the Vatican. In fact, the manufacturer will build a real electric popemobile starting from the base of the Ocean SUV.


Fisker Pear teaser electric thousand dollars

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