Pension with dependent wife: how much do you save?

Pension with dependent wife: how much do you save?
Pension with dependent wife: how much do you save?

Who takes the pension and has the dependent wife can enjoy a tax savings due to the tax authorities. In fact, even retirees can enjoy the deduction for dependent wife, thus saving on the income tax due.

It is good to clarify immediately that it is the INPS, as withholding agent, to apply the deduction for dependent wife directly on the pension. The savings, therefore, is already indicated in the slip.

However, for those who want to know how much you save on retirement in the case of a dependent wife, here are some useful information about.

Pensions: when is the wife dependent?

Regarding the pension and the deductions for dependent spouses, the same rules apply as for employees. This means that for the pensioner the wife is considered charged when the latter receives an income, in the tax year of reference, not exceeding the threshold of € 2,840.51.

The deduction is for the dependent spouse but it should be noted that this term also includes theother part of the civil union. Attention: in order to benefit from the deduction it is also necessary that in the meantime no provision has been made separation O divorce. However, the deduction is due, however, in the event that the spouse does not cohabit with the declarant; it also applies when the latter is not resident in Italy (as long as he is in possession of the tax code issued by the Revenue Agency).

Pension: how much do you pay in taxes?

As well as employee income, retirement is also subject to the payment of personal income tax, that is the tax – direct, personal and progressive – on the income of individuals.

For the payment of personal income tax, see the income bracket of reference. In fact, depending on the income threshold, there is a different rate. In detail, today these are equal to:

  • 0-15 thousand euros: rate of 23%;
  • 15,001-28 thousand euros: rate of 27%;
  • 28,001-55 thousand euros: rate of 38%;
  • 55.001-75 thousand euros: rate of 41%;
  • over 75 thousand euros: rate of 43%.

Let’s take how example a gross pension of € 3,000.00 per month, therefore € 39,000.00 per year (for thirteen months). A 23% rate is applied to the first € 15,000.00, therefore for a total of € 3,450.00; on the other € 13,000.00 (between € 15,000 and € 28,000) there is another € 3,510.00, while on the remaining € 11,000.00 (up to € 39,000.00) there are another € 4,180.00.

Overall, therefore, on a gross annual pension of € 39,000.00 there are € 11,140.00 of income tax alone to be paid. The net monthly pension, therefore, is about € 2,100 (but we must also consider the additional municipal and regional).

Pension with dependent wife: how much do you save?

In the event that there was a dependent wife, however, yes reduces the income tax due.

The deduction due also varies according to income. In detail, for those who have a gross income of less than € 15,000 there is a deduction of € 800.00 minus the ratio between gross income and € 15,000 multiplied by 110. The formula to be applied to calculate pension savings, therefore, is as follows:

800 – [110*(Reddito Lordo/15.000)]

For income between € 15,001 and € 40,000, however, the deduction has a fixed amount of € 690 per year.

Above € 40,000 – and in any case below € 80,000 – the deduction is calculated by applying the following formula:

690 x [(80.000 – Reddito lordo) / 40.000]

In the previous example, therefore, the pensioner would have “spared”€ 690.00 per year (therefore around € 53 per month).

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