US oil pipeline, FBI recovers part of the $ 4.4 million cryptocurrency ransom paid to Russian hackers

The Fbi managed to limit the economic damage that followed the attack by Russian hackers al Colonial Pipeline, the greatest oil pipeline American. According to what is reported by the Cnn, in fact, the feds have recovered part of the 4.4 million dollars in cryptovalute paid as a ransom to unlock computer systems put out of use by expert web pirates. An operation that agents will give more information about at a press conference.

On May 7th there was the attack by hackers who had effectively blocked the important US pipeline that supplies gasoline and diesel to the North East area of ​​the country. The complex had been hit by a ransomware, namely a malicious software generally introduced by opening an attachment to a simple e-mail that blocks computer systems until a ransom is paid, generally in bitcoin or other digital currencies. The attack was claimed by the cybercriminal organization Darkside, an Eastern European organization that has been operating for some time and with a long list of “hits” to its credit.

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oil pipeline FBI recovers part million cryptocurrency ransom paid Russian hackers

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