After 80 years Genoa returns to build a military ship

After 80 years Genoa returns to build a military ship
After 80 years Genoa returns to build a military ship

Genoa – For the Navy this is a new type of military ship: it will in fact serve to support submarines engaged in operations or to rescue crews in difficulty. But the challenge is also for the shipyard that won the tender, the T. Mariotti group. And this new unit will be the first entirely built in Genoa since the end of the Second World War for the Italian navy.

Certainly it is not the battleship Littorio, the last launched by the Sestri Ponente shipyards in 1940, but in more than 80 years the world has changed and war at sea is no longer done with gunboats. The needs are profoundly different and today the navy ships must also serve civilian purposes, to rescue the population or for scientific analysis. And it is in this context that the construction site led by Marco Bisagno that he would have been awarded a contract that could also pave the way for other contracts in the military sector. To the XIX century it appears that by now there is little time for formalization, but some details of the contract are beginning to emerge.

Marco Bisagno

The Ligurian capital now finds its place in the front line, with the shipyard of the Genova Industrie Navali group ready to build a new Navy ship which will serve to support underwater and special operations, but which according to the specifications of the General Staff is also able to provide assistance to the submarine crews. This is thanks to the very high technological concentration on board which includes very advanced systems both in terms of underwater exploration and logistics. For military analysts it is a fundamental ship for the Italian fleet of the future and in fact it will support the new submarines, the pivot of the strategy in the Mediterranean.

Rendering of the ship

The unit will replace the old Antaeus Ship, now at the end of its operational life, and will also be used for the operations of our special departments. This is a central order also for the operations that the ship is obviously able to guarantee both on a military and civilian level. According to what has been learned, the contract should be signed by the summer, while the works will engage the construction site led by Marco Bisagno for at least 4 years. The Genoese companies in the sector will be involved, even if it will be necessary to wait a few more months for the actual construction. All the Ligurian industries should be involved, not only the Genoese one, given the complexity of the new unit which is technically called Sdo-Surs (Special & Diving Operations-Submarine Rescue Ship).

The new ship, 122 meters long and 22 meters wide according to the specifications released by the Navy, will have a crew of 120 people and will be able to accommodate 200 on board. Also provided is a flight deck for helicopters and a state-of-the-art underwater vessel capable of operating at a depth of 600 meters.

It is a versatile ship that will be able to operate even in peaceful conditions and serve for any rescue at sea and ground support in case of civilian need, but the unit is also well suited to scientific purposes for the exploration of the seabed and the collection some data. For the group to which it belongs Mariotti it is the first military ship in the long history of the Genoese shipyard and in the construction it will be supported by the giant Leonardo which is responsible for supplying the command and control systems. –

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