Tesla Model S Plaid +, the record version canceled

Tesla Model S Plaid +, the record version canceled
Tesla Model S Plaid +, the record version canceled

Tesla Model S is one of the most successful cars for the Palo Alto manufacturer, so much so that in recent months a brand new, even sportier version of the sedan, with more autonomy, was announced. Elon Musk’s shocking announcement, the new variant will never arrive.

The Tesla CEO has in fact decided to cancel the production and therefore also the presentation, which should have been just in a few days. The more extreme version of the Model S Plaid, according to Musk, is not necessary; you can read it in a tweet in which he himself admits: “Plaid + is canceled. There is no need, because the Plaid is already enough “.

And then it removes the Plaid + version of the Model S from the configurator, and obviously blocks all orders of a variant that will probably never be done. But who had already preordered his Plaid + now what will he do? In the coming days, Tesla’s answers will surely arrive for customers, the House could propose the purchase of the Plaid with a reserved discount or return the money from the deposit to those who have already made the payment and are not satisfied.

Elon Musk reasoned about the launch of this new version of the Model S, thinking that the range promised by the Plaid, already excellent (by 628 kilometers), in fact it can be enough. According to the CEO, in fact, his customers do not need more capacious batteries, because they are already extremely satisfied with the mileage guaranteed by the Palo Alto cars.

The new Model S Plaid + therefore won’t be done anymore. According to Tesla, it would offer a record-breaking range of 520 miles (837 km) on a single charge, thanks to the new 4680 batteries. increased the list price compared to the standard Plaid version, 98,613 euros against 123,269 euros for the Plus variant. It must be said that the delay in the realization of the new accumulators could have contributed to the cancellation of the Plaid + from the company plans.

Elon Musk claims his the Tesla Model S Plaid is “The fastest production car ever built”, but obviously we take what he declares with a grain of salt. It is true that the performance of the sedan is absolutely excellent in the automotive industry today, it must be said, however, that it is not absolutely certain that the Plaid can be declared the fastest car in the world. The current records that we know well are absolutely higher than the 320 km / h of the electric.

The Plaid today has a maximum power of 1.020 CV and sprints from 0 to 100 km / h in less than two seconds. As specified by the manufacturer, in 1.99 seconds, but without calculating the rollout time, which is the time difference between the acceleration and the measured time. Put simply, the stopwatch does not start when the car is still stationary and clicks, but when it has already moved, eliminating the moment of initial skidding. Considering this, in the 0-100 shot the Plaid may not hold the record, given that the Rimac declares a time of 1.9 seconds for the Nevera.

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