Opel Astra unveiled, the first images of the new generation

Opel Astra unveiled, the first images of the new generation
Opel Astra unveiled, the first images of the new generation

Opel spreads the images that finally give us a chance to see for the first time the brand new generation of Astra, the first which among other things will also offer an electric version on the market. The German compact is almost ready for launch.

From the photos we can see immediately extreme precision and maximum attention to detail that the designers and engineers have reserved for the long-awaited new model, which reinterprets the brand’s Bold and Pure (bold and pure) stylistic philosophy and shows what the next Blitz cars will look like.

Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller said: “The next Astra will open an exciting new chapter in the thirty-year history of our compact. We are confident that the next generation of Opel Astra will leave a mark and bring many new customers to our brand. ”

The central stylistic element of the bodywork will be the further development of the Opel Vizor, which we first saw appearing in the new Opel Mokka, the thrilling and electrifying SUV. The face of the brand extends to the front by integrating technologies such as the super thin IntelliLux LED headlights without interruption; elements that will once again bring cutting-edge innovations to the compact market segment. At the rear we can see the name of the new Astra, in the center of the clean and taut surface of the tailgate.

Opel Astra, a look at the interior of the new generation

Even in the interior of the car we immediately notice the same German precision, the next generation of the Pure Panel, the digital driving position with fully glazed surfaces recalls the integration of the Opel Vizor with the two horizontal widescreens oriented towards the driver on which essential information appears. Minimized all physical controls, there are very few keys, but the ones we see are finely crafted. The high quality of the customer experience in the cabin is further enhanced by the shape, surfaces and materials used for the new steering wheel and the ergonomic front seats, which are Opel’s great strengths.

The new generation of the successful German compact Opel Astra was designed and engineered in Rüsselsheim, Germany and will be available on the market in the dynamic 5-door version and the flexible Sports Tourer station wagon. The car will represent another step in Opel’s product offensive, and will also reinforce the concept of electrification of the range of the brand. Production will begin in the course of 2021 at the Rüsselsheim plant. The company will soon publish more information on the new generation of Astra.

First official images of the new Opel Astra


Opel Astra unveiled images generation

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