which is the most effective against variants?

which is the most effective against variants?
which is the most effective against variants?

What is the vaccine more effective against the variants? Not all antidotes approved so far by the European Medicines Agency and AIFA have the same percentage of effectiveness, although all of them have currently been shown to offer a protection from the risk of hospitalization almost to 100% after the second dose.

Despite a fast-paced vaccination campaign in both Europe and the United States, the diffusion of new variants is a cause for concern, especially as there are concerns that they may be resistant to vaccines, as each offers different protection. So let’s see which is the best.

Covid vaccine: which is the most effective against variants?

To clarify what the more effective vaccine Dr. Faheem Younus, head of the infectious disease team at the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health (UM UCH) has been thinking about coronavirus variants for over 20 years. The expert has in fact published on his Twitter profile a series of images showing the percentage of protection that Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Modern e Sinovac are able to offer against the four sequenced variants that worry the most, namely the English one B.1.1.7 (Alpha), the South African one B.1.351 (Beta), the Brazilian one P.1 (Gamma) and the Indian one B.1.617 (Delta).

Johnson & Johnson Effectiveness Against Variants

According to the data published by Dr. Faheem Younus, the single-dose vaccine of the Johnson&Johnson seems to have a72% efficacy against the coronavirus, and also against the English variant is able to offer similar protection. As for that South African the effectiveness drops to 64% and for that 61% Brazilian. At the moment there is not yet enough data to estimate the protection against that indiana.

Astrazeneca efficacy against variants

The vaccine of Astrazeneca, which requires two doses administered at a time interval of about 10-12 weeks between each other, has a76% efficacy against Covid. Same percentage for the English variant, while it does not seem to guarantee protection against that South African. For that Brazilian e indianainstead, it is effective: but more data is needed.

Sinovac efficacy against variants

Regarding SinoVac, the Chinese vaccine recently approved by the European Medicines Agency and not yet administered in Italy, seems to have a67% efficacy against Covid and against English variant. For that South African e Brazilian instead it seems to be of little use (only 51%). While compared to the variant indiana it is effective but more data is needed.

Pfizer and Moderna efficacy against variants

The two mRna vaccines, Pfizer e Modern, have a very similar percentage of effectiveness against Covid: the first of 95%, while the second of the 94%. By analyzing their protection against variants instead, Pfizer offers protection to the 97% against the English variant, while Moderna del 94%. Against the variant South African the vaccine developed by BioNTech offers an immune response of 75% and also Modern, but a third dose may be needed. For the variant Brazilian both appear to offer protection, but for Pfizer it is not yet reputable, while for Moderna an additional dose may also be needed in this case. Finally for the variant indiana Pfizer appears to have protection between 70 and 75%, while for Moderna the exact data are not known.

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