The smart washing machine that you control with the app costs half

When you say that technology has changed our lives we do not only mean the great advances in science, made possible also by the enormous computing power of modern computers, nor the simple, cheap and fast way in which we communicate today thanks to smartphones and apps.

Nor is it just meant smart working and the DaD, the distance teaching of students that has upset the way of doing school. All this is true, real and everyday but there are also other things that have become incredibly technological and today work in a very different way than in the past. An example is the washing machine, which already when it spread to our homes after the war gave us a lot of time and took away a lot of effort. But now, with the application of all the technologies that revolve around the concept of home automation, it is taking a huge step forward. An example is the Ai Control washing machine with Samsung Ecodosatore, top-of-the-range model of a series that focuses entirely onartificial intelligence.

Samsung WW10T534DAW washing machine: a computer with a basket

The current flagship model of Samsung’s smart washing machine range is the one with the initials WW10T534DAW. It’s about a 10 kg washing machine of maximum load, but already talking about the weight we find the first smart function: the appliance is capable of weigh the load and dose water, detergent and softener according to the real need for the single wash.

This washing machine is in fact equipped with “Eco-doser“, Which is nothing more than a pair of large tanks (one for detergent, the other for fabric softener): the user loads them, then the washing machine picks up the required quantity of product. Less waste, less pollution, less thoughts.

The dosage of detergent and softener, as well as of water, depends not only on the weight but also on the washing program set. Program that can also be decided via the app Samsung Smart Things, which in addition to enabling us to start the washing remotely he is also able to give us detailed suggestions on how to wash the load according to the type of clothes inserted and the degree of soiling.

Degree of soiling that, as if that were not enough, the washing machine is able to understand by itself after the end of the first wash: if the water is very dirty, then a second pass is necessary while if it is already clean there is no need to carry out a further wash.

If connected to a Samsung dryer, the WW10T534DAW washing machine is able to communicate with the second appliance and tell it how it will dry the clothes it is about to receive.

But not only that: through the connection to the app the washing machine also knows if it’s raining or sunny outside and adjusts the centrifuge accordingly for “squeeze“more or less laundry before the end of the wash cycle.

Samsung WW10T534DAW: how much does it cost

Talking about price, here comes the fun. It is clear that we are not talking about a washing machine like any other, but a little big one jewel of technology able to simplify and facilitate one of the most boring activities (and by all considered a great waste of time and effort) such as washing laundry.

It is equally clear that such an appliance cannot be cheap, in fact it has a list price (for the 10 kilo version) of 1,049 euros. However, as is often the case on Free Technology, if we are showing you this model it is because it is currently in huge discount and you can buy it at an absolutely affordable price: 499 euro, with a discount that even touches the 52%.

Samsung Smart Washing Machine with Ai Control and Ecodosatore

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