Bonus, Rem, non-repayable Support bis when payments? Latest today

Bonus, Rem, non-repayable Support bis when payments? Latest today
Bonus, Rem, non-repayable Support bis when payments? Latest today

Italy is on the road to restart: the curfew is postponed to 24 in the yellow zone, many commercial activities have reopened their doors while others will remain closed until 1 July.

It seems that we have left the worst behind, thanks also to the new aid, bonus e refreshments on arrival of Support Decree bis, provision that it has allocated 40 billion euros after the 32 billion in March 2021 to help companies, workers and families affected by the pandemic.

When do the new grants, bonuses and Rems arrive?

Support bis: bonus payment, non-repayable fund and Rem

Companies and VAT numbers are awaiting the automatic payment of the new non-repayable contribution bis of the Sostegni bis Decree. Refreshments to companies and self-employed people this time have a slightly more complicated mechanism than in the past, with three delivery methods:

  • replica of the first indemnity of the Support Decree with automatic accreditation without the need to submit a new application. The first wire transfers should arrive by the end of next week;

  • balance upon request by the interested party to the Revenue Agency based on the decrease in average monthly turnover referring to another period, from 1 April 2020 to 21 March 2021;

  • balance to be calculated on the economic results and not on the turnover.

Rem until September, seasonal, sports, agricultural bonuses in the Sostegni bis

Measures for workers and families are also on the way, with new seasonal bonuses 2021 and the four-month extension of the Rem until September. The question for the additional shares of the emergency income it must be presented by July 31, 2021.

One-time compensation for workers includes a new seasonal, autonomous and intermittent bonuses from 1,600 euros compared to 2,400 in the first tranche, also involving the entertainment sector. When does the money arrive? The automatic payment based on the contributions made at the beginning of the year should arrive around the date of June 15, 2021.

It will take longer for those who have never received help in the past. These subjects will have to submit apply to INPS by 31 July 2021, with payment times that could extend up to mid-August.

The sports collaborators bonus is also in the spotlight from 800 to 2,400 euros based on turnover: last week Sport e Salute sent an email to those who have already benefited from it in the past a link to confirm the requirements to automatically receive the contribution, with the declaration to be made by June 4, 2021.

The world of agriculture and fishing is also eagerly awaiting, for the payment of the agricultural bonus 2021 from 800 euro he was born in autonomous fishermen bonus of 950 euros.

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