TV bonus for everyone: amount and how it works

As is now known, by June 2022 it will be necessary to change the television sets and decoders so that they are of the latest generation: only in this way will it be possible to continue to see the various channels. For the replacement of the TVs there is a bonus of 100 euros that is up to everyone: how does it work?

By now it is known to practically everyone: I enter June 2022 you will have to change all television sets oi decoder so that they are of last generation (with the abbreviation Dvbt-2 / Hevc). Only in this way will it be possible to continue viewing all channels, as the signal transmission and reception modes will change.

Precisely why this change, which in some regions will start from 1 September 2021 and will end as early as 1 December 2021, is necessary and required at national level, the government has foreseen a bonus whose all families can access, the amount of which is 100 euro. Exceptionally, the contribution will not be related to the indicator Isee, which measures the economic situation of the family unit.

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Bonus TV: when does it come into effect?

Indicatively, it is expected that all televisions that were purchased before 2017: the discriminant could be, for example, the ability to transmit HD images. The change wanted at a national level, in fact, aims to improve viewing via TV.

There will therefore be several families who will have to replace your TV: for this, the government had already allocated an incentive equal to 50 euro for all those who presented an ISEE of less than 50 thousand euros. From now on, however, the contribution from should also start 100 euro for any level of income.

Just download a QR code to be shown when purchasing the new television set in the reference store. Warning: the bonus is valid and can only be redeemed if you choose to scrap the previous model, the one that does not meet the new requirements established by the government.

At the moment there is still no certain date for the start of the bonus: updates are expected shortly.

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