Chicken McNuggets sold for $ 100,000: the reason is incredible

On Ebay, a special Chicken McNuggets sold for a whopping $ 100,000. The reason is incredible and unimaginable

A Chicken McNuggets sold for gold on Ebay (screenshot)

A story that is incredible. On Ebay, one Chicken McNuggets of McDonald’s was sold for $ 100,000. On May 28, the auction was published with an opening price of 99 cents. After well 184 offers and raises, the “lucky one” managed to take it home at the above price.

The reason that made this chicken nugget so precious is mainly one: its resemblance to one of the characters of the famous video game Among Us. To this must then be added the origin of the Nuggets, namely the BTS Meal created by the fastfood chain in collaboration with the famous band K-Pop.

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Chicken McNuggets sold for gold: it’s not the first time

The reason? Remember one of the characters from the video game Among Us (YouTube)

$ 100,000 for a Chicken McNuggets reminiscent of a character from Among Us: perhaps one of the craziest auctions ever on Ebay. The seller said the kibble will be delivered frozen and vacuum sealed, so as to guarantee its freshness. It will also be accompanied by a delicious portion of sauce, even if the auction winner is unlikely to eat it.

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At the moment nothing is known yet on the identity of the buyer. It could be a video game fan, a regular customer of the fast food chain or simply a collector who wanted to take home this unique piece.

This is not the first time such a thing has happened. In 2008 a Illinois shaped corn flake was sold for $ 1,350, while in 2012 a nugget resembling George Washington it ended up at auction for $ 8,100.


Chicken McNuggets sold reason incredible

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