The hotel reopens after 15 months: “The lockdown used for the works”

The hotel reopens after 15 months: “The lockdown used for the works”
The hotel reopens after 15 months: “The lockdown used for the works”

What better sign than the reopening of an accommodation facility that has been closed for 15 months, since the pandemic broke out? This is the case of the Gombit Hotel in via Mario Lupo in the Upper Town. The accommodation facility, which takes its name from the homonymous and nearby tower, one of the symbols of the historic center, had hosted the last customer at the beginning of March 2020.

The owners, forced to close due to the health emergency, given that the end of the pandemic was not in sight, bravely decided to use the months of lockdown to completely renovate the structure, which had been inaugurated in 2010. “We took advantage of the closure to carry on with important renovation and adaptation works of the systems, which we had already planned for the future – says Massimo Santilli, general manager of the GombitHotel -. Thanks to the property investments and the Giò Pozzi interior design consultancy, during the lockdown we completely redesigned the hall and the 15 rooms. We are very satisfied and now we have been able to reopen, offering an even more modern and welcoming structure to our customers ».

In the spaces of the GombitHotel there is never a shortage of objects and exhibitions by Bergamo artists, much admired by foreign visitors. Two smiling Austrian tourists appear at the door of the design hotel, the best sign of the restart. The staff is immediately activated to provide all information, from parking to monuments to visit. There is an embarrassment of choice and it can be understood from the amazed eyes of the visitors who pass from Corsarola to Piazza Vecchia, from Palazzo della Ragione to the Colleoni Chapel. «If before closing we received 80% of bookings from foreign tourists – continues Santilli -, today we have risen to 100%. Germans, Austrians, Swiss and French represent the most present nationalities in these first days of reopening, but there are also business tourists like the Americans, who are obviously returning to our country. We are naturally confident about the future and we are receiving numerous calls and requests for information ».


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