“Deaths, risk dropped by 95%” – Corriere.it

“Deaths, risk dropped by 95%” – Corriere.it
“Deaths, risk dropped by 95%” – Corriere.it

The gap between doses delivered to the regions (and therefore to the local health authorities) and administered is widening. There is now a daily gap of four million. It means that supplies are now on time, plentiful. They allow an advance of at least fifteen days in the planning of the bites. for this reason there is a double record of the vaccination campaign on Friday and Saturday. Also on June 5 almost 600 thousand inoculations: this means over 1.2 million in 48 hours. Another 4.1 million doses are planned this week: 3 million Pfizer, 500 thousand of Astrazeneca, 400 thousand of Moderna and 200 thousand of J&J. A (new) cruising speed. At this point to maintain, even improve in July when the supply curve rises further.

What matters now is that the number of vaccinables is not thinned. We have entered the massive phase, with the opening of bookings to all age groups, although not yet in all regions. Everyone should be encouraged to join in order to achieve herd immunity as soon as possible, putting aside this long period of emergency. In these hours we are witnessing the charge of open days – without reservations – in many regions. With the opening – almost everywhere – of the 12-15 year old bracket just cleared by AIFA.

The risk of death for vaccinated people drops by 95%

The report of the Higher Institute of Health clarifies what happened in these four months. Because with the passage of time (and with the increase in vaccinated), more precise drug-surveillance data are obtained. In a period between 105 and 112 days from the first dose, they suggest protracted protection. A further reduction in the risk of diagnosis is observed, with a similar effect in men, women and people in different age groups. The data relating to 13.7 million people vaccinated – even more than four months after the first dose – indicate how the risk of death drops by 95% and 90% of being hospitalized in intensive care.

The situation in the regions

evident the

correlation on Covid data: on Sunday 2,275 new cases, 51 deaths, positive rate on tampons at 1.5%, hospital pressure in contraction (774 places occupied in intensive care, 14 fewer on Saturday, here the complete bulletin). And on the index of transmissibility of the virus, with the increasingly plausible hypothesis that all of Italy will start to turn white within two to three weeks.

Vaccines in the company

Monday, June 7, the day when vaccination in companies also begins. In reality it is an additional channel that perhaps arrived with a little delay compared to the personal data criterion. The vaccine hub model worked best, for many companies – from Stellantis all’Enel, gives Leonardo at Railways of the state – Wednesday will start with inoculations to their employees. Memberships are also open in Eni, Tim, Poste, but we will not leave immediately. The involvement of Cassa Depositi is also expected. In Turin, with Reale Mutua, about a thousand young people between 18 and 28 years old were vaccinated last night to the sound of music. New frontiers of incentives for administration. Since last night, in Lazio, the 35-39 age bracket is also open.

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Deaths risk dropped Corriereit

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