Sixteen installments in one day: the blow from the tax authorities arrives

Sixteen installments in one day: the blow from the tax authorities arrives
Sixteen installments in one day: the blow from the tax authorities arrives

This June promises to be a hot month. However, the weather has nothing to do with it, but a storm of taxes that will hit Italians already tried by the economic crisis, a direct consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the coming days, in fact, taxpayers and professionals will have to honor 144 fulfilments, almost all concentrated on 16 and 30 June, when 59 and 65 respectively are expected. starts on the 10th of this month with the replacement storage of the electronic invoices of 2019. A few days later, on the 16th, the payment of the Imu deposit, that of VAT and that of withholdings from work including social security contributions for the month is expected of May. The 30, normally also known as “tax day“, taxpayers will have to pay the balance of taxes for 2020 and the advances for 2021.

Without forgetting that only one day later the car of the collection: notifications, payments and foreclosures that have so far been suspended due to health emergency will be triggered again. There would be about 35 million notifications of new collection deeds blocked between 2020 and the beginning of 2021 following the various measures to support Italians in the period of closures and anti-contagion limitations.

Those who had an ordinary deferment in progress for a tax debt before March last year, explains the Print, will have to pay on 31 July in a single payment 16 rate backward. A hard blow. More or less similar speech for taxpayers who have joined the scrapping and al balance and excerpt. In this case, the weight of the arrears is lower as the installments were quarterly. The only small advantage: the amount due must be paid on 31 July for the duties of 2020 and on 30 November for the obligations of 2021. The dead line changes but the result is always the same: money, and even a lot, that will come out of the pockets of the citizens in a difficult time.

A delicate situation, this, also underlined by Maurizio Postal, a member of the National Council of Accountants with responsibility for taxation, who asked the government “to restart the installments in place with the historical timing”, thus ensuring greater graduality. “June and July are traditionally the months of taxes and the gathering of deadlines”, explained Postal, who is in favor of the proposal made by the chairman of the Chamber’s Finance Committee, Luigi Marattin, to extend the payment of taxes in installments. A way to support those who have difficulty meeting deadlines with the tax authorities. But that is unlikely to be accepted. Italians put their souls in peace and be ready to withstand the tax storm.


Sixteen installments day blow tax authorities arrives

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