A week of routine business

A week of routine business
A week of routine business

The 730 form pre-filled more than a few taxpayers are not available for unspecified data acquisition problems, to which the same offices consulted are unable to respond.

A model declaration that after years of “Running in” he has not yet reached the necessary maturity to be able to define this institute as a real success.

It is true, more and more users are using it, last year there were almost 4 million models presented but we are still in the order of 15 percent of potential users and often it comes to models verified and completed with the help of Caf and consultants and not independently managed by the taxpayer himself.

A large amount of data is acquired by the Revenue Agency thanks to regulations that oblige companies and consultants to send countless information to the PA servers with a commitment of time and means, certainly overabundant with respect to the expected result.

The same basic error is repeating itself with the Pre-filled VAT return, where to allow more time to the offices for its concrete implementation, the date of its debut has been postponed several times and, to facilitate the task of its preparation, the ease of filling in the Electronic Invoice has even been sacrificed by introducing, making them mandatory by 2021, about twenty new Nature and Document Type Codes.

The logic does not seem to belong to the legislative and government offices of our country

The basic concept of any effective digitization action that it is does not seem to flash in anyone simplification.

The acquisition of abnormal data and information compared to the normal needs of a tax administration is sanctioning an actual announced failure of institutions such as pre-filled declarations which, according to the laudable intentions, would like to facilitate the task of citizens and businesses but in fact complicate their everyday life.

Until the first steps in the computerization of tax offices, see the introduction of Entratel, on May 31, the declarative campaigns were over and it was possible to dedicate oneself to the analysis and control of the trend of the current year as well as to the support of the entrepreneur in his development path or even, why not, to plan and enjoy the longed-for summer holidays while today, at the dawn of intelligence artificial, the submission of the declaration takes place in late autumn.

I don’t want to dwell here on case restaurants, which forced a meeting of the control room and an ordinance of the Ministry of Health that indicated the maximum number of diners at the tables to avoid an interpretative accident within the same institutions that were literally giving the numbers, each based on to its own reading of decrees, ordinances and guidelines.

This should already be enough for most to agree on the fact that with the current method of writing regulatory texts in the bureaucratic language, which is only useful for employing judges and lawyers, it is no longer possible to go on.

Another gem, just on Friday I read an interesting article by an authoritative signature that concerned some acts of the Court of Cassation with which on more than one occasion, the last of which its ordinance 15341/2021 filed last Thursday, established that IRAP is a tax charged to members for transparency, referring to previous rulings of the same Court, obviously incorrect, where in one of these it was reported that the tax assumption for IRAP is carried out by the shareholders.

It is clear what, to be good, can be defined as a basic misunderstanding of a first pronouncement which was then probably inspired by subsequent ordinances such as the one deposited on June 3 last.

Lastly, the “timely” service update Standard storage of electronic invoices.

A 6 days from the term extended by the Sostegni Decree and just 3 months after the original deadline that I remember was last March 10th, when everyone has already taken steps to keep the invoices prior to the time of accession with the not simple manual method, a mechanism has finally been made available in the Invoices and Considerations Portal that allows them to be used retroactively and with the possibility of indicating the effective date.

This umpteenth week of routine makes me think about the unavoidable necessary Tax Reform which cannot be ignored a simplification of the regulatory mess and the introduction of any form of effective taxpayer protection.

It could be a Warranty Authority that avoids the repetition of the obvious errors of both a conceptual and practical nature perpetrated by the Government, the Legislator, the Tax Agencies and, as it seems, read this last one of his “Maximum” previously reported, also by the Tax Court.

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