+ Incredible Shib + With Token Shiba Inu you can buy gold and silver!

From today through the token SHIB we can also buy gold and silver. This is the initiative of UsGoldBuyers.com, a Boca Raton, Florida retailer who will accept payment in Shiba Inu Token at his own store physical. Good news, for a token that in recent days has been the subject of the usual attacks and accusations, but which nevertheless continues to be available on more and more markets and on more exchanges.

All about the initiative of UsGoldBuyers, the Compro Oro that deals with SHIB

As we announced just a few days ago, SHIB is also available on Capital.com (here for a free and unlimited demo account), platform with 235+ crypto pairs, which proposes investments with the assistance of artificial intelligence, Trading Central’s free trading signals and the ability to trade through MetaTrader 4 e TradingView, the best for crypto analysis.

Who is UsGoldBuyers and why did they start accepting SHIB coins?

UsGoldBuyers.com is a trading activity of precious: gold, silver and diamonds in Boca Raton, Florida. Although there is no e-commerce, it is however possible to contact the company by telephone or by e-mail to close an agreement to proceed with a purchase or sale of one’s precious metals.

This is not a business that has ever accepted cryptocurrencies before. They are not in fact available either Bitcoin, nor other types of tokens such as Dogecoin, which are now – in the States – coin very common for payments.

Most likely yes, like so many we have seen in the past. With an important news however, because this time the trader has decided to choose a cryptocurrency of new invoice and that does not enjoy the coat of arms of BTC, ETH and other major cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Whether it’s a publicity move or not, it’s still great news for SHIB investors and anyone who plans to hit the market right now. Because on the one hand advertising is for UsGoldbuyers, on the other hand for a token that, at a very fast pace, is entering the collective imagination as an alternative to DOGE and many other historically more known tokens.

Shiba Inu SHIB – recently also on Capital.com, and something could move on other fronts as well

Only SHIB was listed on Capital.com a few days ago, an intermediary that has always paid particular attention to the world of cryptocurrencies and that today, among those offering advanced investment tools, is also the most attentive to new projects arriving on the market. That of Capital.com (here to test it with a free demo account it is the recognition of the solidity of a project that continues to attract important criticisms and that many still consider a meteor.

  • Will something also happen on Coinbase?

It is difficult to say if and when Coinbase will arrive at the listing of SHIB on its price lists. Only a few days ago the group entered Doge on its platform Coinbase PRO, signaling a new attitude towards tokens meme and with a strong community following. May these be the precursors for an upcoming listing of SHIB? We’ll see.

We can also sell our gold and get paid in SHIB

Thanks to the new initiative of UsGoldBuyers we will also be able to receive payments in SHIB by going to sell gold, diamonds, fine watches and platinum. Also in this case it will be necessary to contact the intermediary by telephone and agree on the quantity and payment.

With the ability to ship your valuables in USA through FedEX and get paid precisely in SHIB. A good opportunity for all those who want to focus on crypto and no longer on precious as a store of value.

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