Supersonic jets for flights from London to New York in three and a half hours: here are the prototypes of Boom Overture for United Airlines




transport of the future

Super-fast scheduled travel will allow you to go from one part of the globe to the other in just a few hours. For now, 15 aircraft will be built, with an option for another 35. On board up to 88 people who will travel over 18 thousand meters high

by Cecilia Mussi


The announcement

United Airlines has signed an agreement with Boom Overture, a company that produces supersonic jets, to create 15 aircraft capable of carrying passengers in three and a half hours from New York to London, or from Los Angeles to Seoul in seven hours. United Airlines has also signed an option for another 35 aircraft.

Boom Overture


More than 500 routes around the world

Boom Overture has released a video where you can preview the aircraft. The company will open over 500 routes that will cover the whole world “traveling in half the time compared to now”, reads the official website, thanks to this new generation of aircraft that will reach 1.7 MACH speeds (over 2 thousand kmh)

Boom Overture

On board, privacy and comfort


On board, privacy and comfort

On Boom flights, every detail will be taken care of with the utmost attention: passengers will be able to work and relax at the same time “with large windows and single seats, in a comfortable environment from take-off to landing”, explain the company.

Boom Overture

The technical characteristics


The technical characteristics

Inside the aircraft, 65 to 88 passengers will be able to fly and fly over the Earth at an altitude of over 18,000 meters. The jets will be 62 meters long and will be carbon neutral

Boom Overture


transport of the future
Supersonic jets for flights from London to New York in three and a half hours: here are the prototypes of Boom Overture for United Airlines
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