Vaccinations in a camper at the Duomo, Benazzi: “Experience to repeat”

«From 8 to 12 on Saturday we vaccinated 250 people over 60 who are late, young people and vacationers, as well as some seasonal workers who will soon travel to Germany as pizza chef or ice cream maker (the latter with Johnson & Johnson vaccine). There was therefore an excellent response from the citizens and for this I thank the mayors and civil protection for their support. In short, it was an experience to be repeated also in the future ». To say this this morning was the Dg of Ulss 2 Francesco Benazzi.

The ULSS 2 camper will still continue its “vaccination tour” tomorrow, Sunday 6 June, stopping in Oderzo, where it will be in Piazza Maggiore from 9 to 12, in Piazza San Martino in Conegliano from 13.30 to 16, and in Vittorio Veneto in piazza del Popolo from 5 to 8 pm. The over 60 residents in the province of Treviso and not yet immunized can use the camper to get vaccinated. Only the Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccine will be available, for which a single dose is intended. No other type of vaccine can be administered and reservations for the territorial vaccination centers cannot be made in the camper.

“In addition to going tomorrow to the squares where the camper will stop, the over 60s will be able, on Sunday and Monday, to request vaccination with the single-dose Janssen also by going, again without the need to book, to one of the operational vaccination points in the Marca (Villorba, Ponte di Piave, Godega di Sant’Urbano, Riese Pio X and Vidor). The open days and the camper tour, which will offer the possibility of being vaccinated without a reservation – underlines the general manager, Francesco Benazzi – have the aim of promoting the immunization of people over 60 who for various reasons have not yet vaccination cycle started. This open modality will obviously be active alongside the traditional modality that sees us operating in the Vaccination Centers for the immunization of those who have made the reservation through the portal ». We remind you that for vaccination it is necessary to carry the Team magnetic health card, the medical history card and the completed consent form (the latter two can be downloaded from the Ulss 2 website).

The camper has already been used in the past for various initiatives of the Health Promotion Operating Unit and now it becomes a Mobile Unit 0 to bring the vaccination against Covid 19 as close as possible to people. The Camper tour will be an opportunity to administer the Janssen vaccine to over 60s but also a moment of discussion and information with citizens who are still in doubt or who need to ask for information on vaccination, the efficacy and safety of vaccines currently in use. During the tour, compatibly with his institutional commitments, the general manager, Francesco Benazzi, will also be present, along with other doctors and health professionals who will take turns to vaccinate and answer questions.


Vaccinations camper Duomo Benazzi Experience repeat

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