Istat, fines coming for some companies: the reason

IS reports that in the absence of a regulated amnesty, many companies will incur heavy fines for lack of response to statistical surveys


The pandemic also has effects in the least predictable sectors, that of statistical surveys. Annually, companies and businesses are obliged to participate in surveys on their work by theState, the National Statistical Office. The lack of cooperation of the companies in the surveys, or the omitted or late responses, entail for the companies many salads.

During the pandemic there was a general suspension, both from a social point of view, and from the usual annual deadlines, such as fiscal ones. The government has taken steps to promptly regulate the extensions and suspensions of many citizens’ obligations towards the public administration. But not on statistical surveys.

L’Statistical Institute states that: “L’State, in the absence of regulatory measures that allow an amnesty, it is about to apply sanctions against approximately 2,300 companies and 330 institutions for breach of the obligation to reply to statistical surveys

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Statistical Institute reports the possibility of high fines for companies and institutions


During the hearing in the Budget Committee for the Sostegni-bis decree, the Institute of Statistics intervened by signaling the regulatory void on the suspension of the obligation to respond to statistical surveys for the year and a half of the pandemic.

“Some units have not complied with the obligation to reply for various surveys, the amounts requested could, in these cases, be very high”. We talk about 1,032 euros for each penalty.

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Francesco Maria Chelli, director of the institute, concludes with an appeal: “It is hoped that this request will be taken into consideration when converting the decree under discussion by providing, in analogy to other situations, the suspension of the application of these sanctions and / or the cancellation of the same especially if they refer to previous years such as those that “Derive from lack of responses to investigations in 2019 and 2020 and have so far been suspended due to the emergency measures adopted in 2020”.

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