discovered the cause of THROMBOSIS, explains a German RESEARCH »

discovered the cause of THROMBOSIS, explains a German RESEARCH »
discovered the cause of THROMBOSIS, explains a German RESEARCH »

VACCINES ASTRAZANECA and JOHNSON & JOHNSON: the cause of THROMBOSIS discovered, a German RESEARCH explains

The cause of THROMBOSIS of some VACCINES has been discoveredThe cause which determined thromboembolic events (thrombosis to be clear) in vaccines with adenovirus, AstraZeneca e Johnson & Johnson, was discovered from a German research led by Rolf Marschalek, professor at the Goethe University of Frankfurt and told by the authoritative Financial Times. The problem depends from a Spike protein error. The researchers themselves, however, already have a solution.

According to Marschalek, as also reported by the newspaper Republic, acting on the protein Spike, it is possible to modify the vaccines and permanently block the appearance of these dangerous side effects that, so far, have affected 309 people out of 33 million in Great Britain who received the AstraZeneca vaccine e 142 in Europe out of a total of 16 million. For these adverse symptoms, the serum produced by the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company has been limited or suspended in over ten countries of the old continent. There are eight cases, all in the United States, which instead affected the J&J vaccine, on over 7.4 million administrations. Marschalek said he had presented the results of the experiments carried out in his laboratory at the Paul-Ehrlich Institute of the German government and the advisory body dedicated to vaccination and anti-Covid immunization. “They were surprised by our findings.”

The adenovirus life cycle includes infection of the cells and the entry of adenoviral DNA into the nucleus. Skillingly, gene transcription takes place. And that’s the catch: according to Marschalek and the other researchers, once inside the cell nucleus some parts of the Spike protein they merge or divide by creating mutant versions which are unable to bind to the cell membrane where immunization occurs. According to Marschalek’s theory this triggers blood clots in about one in 100,000 people. “When these virus genes are in the nucleus they can create some problemsMarschalek said. In contrast, the mRNA-based vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna deliver the genetic material of the Spike protein to the cell fluid and never enter the nucleus.

There are currently no tests that can predict these cases exceptional: recent EMA indications have indicated women under the age of 60 as the category most at risk but no correlations with existing risk factors have been found.


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