“Reservations on the rise, more flights arriving for the island”

“Reservations on the rise, more flights arriving for the island”
“Reservations on the rise, more flights arriving for the island”

An increase in flights on all routes to and from Sardinia on weekends to cope with the surge in requests in view of the summer period.

This is what was agreed during the meeting of the Joint Committee for monitoring the implementation of public service obligations which was held yesterday and which will meet every 15 days in order to constantly monitor the evolution of the situation.

“We are facing a scenario that bodes well: the request for tickets, therefore the number of reservations, is growing and by virtue of this positive trend we have requested and obtained the increase in flights – explains the regional councilor for Transport Giorgio Todde – Thanks to constant monitoring and full harmony with Alitalia, we aim to safeguard the right to mobility, to guarantee the full use of transport to and from the island and to favor a tourist season that promises to be positive “.

The Region – explains a note – without prejudice to the additional flight on Friday and Sunday agreed in May on the Cagliari-Fiumicino, Cagliari-Linate, Olbia-Linate and Olbia-Fiumicino routes, has requested a strong increase in flights capable of support traveler demand.

“We are engaged in an important action to relaunch the transport system both in reference to the mobility of Sardinian citizens and towns, penalized not only by the island condition but also by the pandemic crisis, and in terms of tourism enhancement. point – concluded Councilor Todde – we have the opportunity for a real relaunch of the sector that cannot ignore an efficient system of transporting passengers to and from the island “.

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