How to reduce the cost of your water bill and save a lot of money

The water bill costs Italians an average of more than 400 euros per year. Being able to reduce spending is an opportunity not to be missed, especially if you only need to follow a few rules to save money.

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Water is the most valuable asset that we have and we realize it when the bill arrives. Although we are aware of the good fortune of seeing rivers and rivers of water flowing from the tap at home, we tend to waste large quantities of it with a double negative impact. On our planet and our wallet. After reading this article you will have all the tools in hand to avoid waste and to save considerable amounts on your bill.

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Simple rules to save on your water bill

At home we have the opportunity to do our part in safeguarding the planet (and the portfolio) by adopting a few simple rules aimed at promoting proper management of water sustainability. A first tip that not everyone knows is that the use of household appliances such as dishwashers reduces the consumption of the so-called blue gold compared to a hand wash. The same goes for the washing machine, which is preferable to manual washing of laundry. Naturally, both appliances must be fully loaded and equipped with eco programs to promote savings.

Not everyone, however, has a dishwasher in the house. The advice to reduce consumption then becomes fill the sink with water capping it and then immersing all the dishes, glasses and cutlery and then using running water only to proceed with rinsing.

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Tap breaker, ideal solution

The costs in the bill will decrease by mounting jet breaker to the taps. These are small devices that manage to reduce the amount of water flowing out through a ventilation system. Yields will not change while the planned water consumption budget will suffer a welcome drop.

Close the taps if not in use


A classic piece of advice said and repeated that many struggle to put into practice is the closing the tap during daily activities such as brushing your teeth or shaving your beard. It may seem trivial, but those few seconds in which the water does not flow represent money to be put in the piggy bank for a holiday rather than destined for the water bill. A specific figure can make people understand the importance of using blue gold only in times of real need. We are talking about 2,500 liters of water saved per person per year by following this simple precaution.

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Repairs must be immediate

A dripping tap, a leaking toilet, a shower head that continues to drip, are factors that should not be underestimated and which drop by drop significantly affect the cost of the bill. The waste of a continuous dripping it’s huge, 21,000 liters of water per year for a tap and 52,000 liters for the toilet. We understand well, therefore, the importance of repairing the damage as soon as possible to safeguard the planet and the wallet.

Prefer shower or bath?


The answer to the question of whether to take a shower or a bath in the tub is easy to guess. Filling a tub requires about 150 liters of water plus the liters used for rinsing. Taking a shower, on the other hand, involves approx 20 liters of water. Of course, the shower doesn’t have to last 40 minutes if you aim for savings and reduce waste.

Garden care

One last piece of advice concerns the care of the garden or vegetable garden. To water it could be used the water used for other activities such as, for example, rinsing vegetables, saving 6,000 liters of drinking water.

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