Nissan’s investigation showing the myths about electric cars

Nissan’s investigation showing the myths about electric cars
Nissan’s investigation showing the myths about electric cars

Those who drive an electric car drive more kilometers. Research conducted by Nissan. In Europe, on average, electric vehicle owners grind 14.200 km per year.

Still according to the figures provided by the Japanese company, leader and pioneer of electric mobility with Nissan Leaf, those who get behind the wheel of traditional cars instead stop at 13.600 km covered in 12 months. This analysis comes just when we celebrate the World Environment Day, set for June 5.

In particular, in Italy, electric vehicle owners have an average of over 15.000 km per year, followed only by those of the Netherlands, with 14,800 km. The majority of green drivers on the Old Continent are satisfied with the current one charging infrastructure offer. Furthermore, almost a quarter of them (23%) say that the most common myth is that the charging infrastructure now available is not adequate.

What are the disadvantages of driving an electric according to the users themselves? 47% of respondents say that the main handicap is theautonomy. It is no coincidence that 38% of motorists believe that the most important factor in choosing a battery-powered car would be greater autonomy. Yet for the 70% of those who already drive electric the range is better than expected.

Finally, Nissan’s investigation highlights various points of view regarding charging and infrastructure. More than a quarter of European electric vehicle drivers say running out of charge (28%), charging time (30%) and the fact that electric vehicles are expensive (31%) are among the biggest myths about zero-emission vehicles.

Nissan Leaf, the 100% electric subcompact leader in zero-emission mobility

The Japanese company, in short, thus proves that it was right in betting on the Leaf project, born well over a decade ago. The very popular battery-powered utility car was chosen by over 500,000 customers all over the world, which have traveled a total distance equal to 400,000 times around the Earth. Nissan recently expanded its electric range with the Nissan Ariya super aerodynamic coupe crossover and new SUV Nissan Qashqai with e-POWER technology.


Nissans investigation showing myths electric cars

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