is happening all over Italy

Cashback, bad news for the crafty right in the month that will lead to the end of the first phase for the collection: it is happening all over Italy

June 30 is approaching and with it the end of the first phase for the collection of receipts and expenses of those who are participating in the Cashback. For this reason, between now and the next few weeks there are those who could look for convenient and easy shortcuts to try to circumvent the controls and increase their capital.

But the government has also thought about this and has already announced that i controls they will be stiff to flush out the crafty ones. Said, done, for a couple of days in fact the warnings via sms ai Cashback cunning. To understand, they are those subjects who carry out transactions of very little value every time just to add operations on operations and move up the ranking of the Super-Cashback.


The controls work via the app Io: in the event of doubtful transactions, the request for clarification on transactions that appear anomalous has started. Without a plausible justification they will be canceled. It is not easy to juggle the almost 9 million citizens who have joined the program, but with the app it will be possible.

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Cashback, bad news for the crafty: how the control on operations works

Before explaining how the warning works, it is good to clarify one aspect. The payment transactions of the smart guys they are not in themselves illegal and therefore they cannot be prosecuted by law, because in any case they are real expenses. But every operation has a cost also for the merchants and therefore it is not correct to penalize them.

From Thursday 3 June therefore PagoPa is sending the warning to anyone who is suspected of having transacted just to get a higher score. They aim to reach the 1,500 euro prize, the Super-Cashback which is added to the 10% refunds on a maximum of 50 transactions made in the first half of 2021.

The new premier ready to stop the crafty ones (Screenshot)

Before starting the report, the system analyzes four items: the paucity of spending, the high number of very low transactions, their recurring repetition and the place in which they are carried out. If the system detects an anomaly, the user will receive a message with a request for clarification to be sent within 7 days to the ministry of the economy. It will be necessary to fill in a form attached to the message and if no clarifications arrive, suspicious transactions will be automatically canceled. Sly warned, then.

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