Fiorital opens 50 restaurants and corners in the large-scale retail trade: fish specialists aim for the North

Fiorital opens 50 restaurants and corners in the large-scale retail trade: fish specialists aim for the North
Fiorital opens 50 restaurants and corners in the large-scale retail trade: fish specialists aim for the North

VENEZIA. The project is ambitious: to open about fifty independent restaurants and corners in the main supermarkets of Veneto and Lombardy to let you taste the fish that they themselves catch, stock with innovative temperature reduction processes and commercialize, in order to get the production chain.

Fiorital, a Venetian company born in the 1960s, which has grown to become a leader in the distribution of fish to large retailers and today capable of a turnover of almost three hundred million euros, has decided that it is time to expand and replicate the model tested in Padua. .

From Padua to the whole North

A sort of “number zero” launched in 2015: a restaurant where the consumer can taste his catch directly. The Paduan restaurant is called Ytheca, but the new extended and expanded format could change the sign. The already outlined program foresees a new opening in September again in Padua, then other restaurants throughout the Veneto and Northern Italy.

Restaurants and corners

Restaurants but not only, as mentioned. «Even corners inside large supermarkets, such as Iper Coop – explains Lorenzo Cuzzolin, Fiorital retail manager – in which to offer our products to taste. There are five corners to date, we aim to open three more by the year and one a month in 2022. In all, there will be about fifty restaurants and corners in five years, of which about three out of ten will be restaurants “.

Direct to the consumer

Ambitious project: born pre-Covid and then “frozen”, to stay on the subject? “Yes, now is the time to accelerate. We want to reach more people with different proposals, and not be just B2B anymore. Restaurants will not all be the same, we will decline them according to the square according to four modular models: raw fish, salads and fried snacks, first courses, main courses ».

The company

Picking up a family tradition that started in the Sixties, it is at the end of the Seventies that the entrepreneur Emanuele Fiorotto founded Fiorital, a name that acts as a crasis between his surname and Italy, specializing in the storage and marketing of fresh fish products. wholesale. Fiorital imports fish from over 70 countries and is one of the main suppliers of large-scale distribution in Italy, working for brands such as Coop, Conad and Aldi.


A progressive growth, from the beginnings in the 1960s, also due to continuous investments in research and development, as in terms of methods for lowering the temperature of fish: the use of ultra-freezing at temperatures below -60 ° C, explains the company, “preserves the characteristics of freshness by preventing the natural qualitative decay of the product”. A liquid nitrogen method has been patented which reaches temperatures between 70 and 120 degrees below zero. In 2019 the Fiorital Spa group had a turnover of 289.7 million euros (numbers slightly down in 2020), with an Ebitda of 6.47 million and a net profit of 3.28 million euros. It is the second group in Italy in the marketing of fresh and frozen fish products after the Marr of the Cremonini group.

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