Musk’s wife: “Technology is the fastest way to communism”

Musk’s wife: “Technology is the fastest way to communism”
Musk’s wife: “Technology is the fastest way to communism”

Claire Elise Boucher, Canadian singer known to the public by the stage name of Grimes and wife of the billionaire Elon Musk, has recently posted some surprising statements on the web of a political nature on artificial intelligence, hailing the latter as the “road to get to communism“. The phrases in question, in which he mixes considerations on the merits of high-tech with philosophical-political ruminations, were spread on the Internet by the Vancouver native artist through the social network TikTok and have received hundreds of thousands of likes.

In particular, 185 thousand approvals were recorded by the message, which she disclosed on the evening of June 2, containing the following words: “I have a proposal for the Communists. Well, most of the Communists I know aren’t big fans of artificial intelligence. But, if you think about it, artificial intelligence actually is the quickest way to communism“. According to Elon Musk’s wife, moreover, “if handled correctly, in theory, artificial intelligence could actually solve the abundance problem. For example, we may finally arrive at a situation where no one has to work and everyone is provided with a comfortable state of being, a comfortable life. Nobody should work“. The main contribution of artificial intelligence to the realization of a communist and egalitarian society would therefore be, according to Grimes, to automate the entire agricultural sector and give life to”farmer robots“, thus making the existence of agrarian officials and a party-state useless and at the same time eliminating any opening for systemic corruption, finally bringing us as close as possible to a true commonality of social conditions. This future communist society longed for by Musk’s wife would be, thanks to the omnipresence of high-tech, “a summary of everything people love about communism, without the state farms which, let’s face it, aren’t much”.

After the debates erupted online for this praise of communism and technology, the wife of one of the richest men on the planet returned to the story by publishing a new message online in which she specifies that her previous intervention “politico” era “one joke“, adding of”don’t be a communist“. The Canadian singer finally posted the following reflection:”But maybe the technocrats and the Communists could get along well“.


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