The new prices of petrol, diesel and LPG at the distributor drawn up by Eni

The new prices of petrol, diesel and LPG at the distributor drawn up by Eni
The new prices of petrol, diesel and LPG at the distributor drawn up by Eni

The price of fuel in Italy is still rising. Energy Newspaper calculated that Eni’s increase is 1 cent for both petrol and diesel. For example, the national average price of gasoline, in self mode, on Wednesday 2 June 2021 jumped to 1,595 euros / liter, against 1,593 the previous day.

A few months after the final upward adjustments in tariffs, Quotidiano Energia has also elaborated the new prices based on the data issued by theLook at fuel prices of the Mise. Gasoline, as mentioned, rose to 1,595 euros / liter, with the different brands ranging from 1,588 to 1,605 euros / liter (no logo 1,581). As for the average price of diesel, always in self mode, it goes up to 1,455 euros / liter (previously it was 1,452) with companies positioned between 1,443 and 1,478 euros / liter (no logo 1,433).

Finally, the served. Here the average price charged for petrol is 1,738 euros / liter (Tuesday 1,737) with colored plants showing average prices between 1,682 and 1,807 euros / liter (no logo 1,631). The diesel average is 1.604 euros / liter (Tuesday 1.603). In this case, the companies’ points of sale have average prices between 1,545 and 1,683 euros / liter (no logo 1,487). Even the LPG does not escape the increases. It goes from 0.651 to 0.670 (no logo 0.642).

What effects can such increases have? There Coldiretti, for example, he calculated how the increases affect the agri-food system. In this sector, logistics costs affect around 33% of the total costs for fruit and vegetables. The Codacons speaks of an increase of 11.4 euros compared to 12 months ago. Another estimate, on the other hand, was made on the household portfolio. As for diesel, the cost increased by 15.7%, in practice +9.85 euros for a full tank. This is 273 euros per year more per family compared to 2020. According to Codacons we are facing a real price alarm, which affects both the pockets of families and the retail price lists of many products.

Regarding the cost of gasoline, it is interesting to note the impact of excise to the distributor. Based on the Mise survey carried out in 2019 on the national prices of gasoline, diesel and LPG, the excise duty weighs almost half on the final cost of gasoline and diesel. In addition, by adding theVAT at 22%, the load rises to over 60%.

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